Help Bring WILPF Members Together

Help Bring WILPF Members Together

Your donation can meet a critical need in supporting face-to-face meetings of women peacemakers from around the world.

In October 2008, WILPF U.S. Section established a restricted fund to support travel to international meetings by International Board Representatives from sections in the developing world.

Click here for more information about the plans for the 2010 International Board meeting. 

By international standards, WILPF members living the in the U.S. are more affluent than WILPF members living in many other parts of the globe, and in particular in zones where armed conflict is ongoing. Despite our own financial struggles, we feel an obligation to help WILPF fulfill its mission as a truly global woman’s organization and support the formation of new sections in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Many Sections are unable to finance the travel expenses for their International Board Representatives to attend an International Board meeting, and it is mainly through the generous contributions of other Sections that they are able to attend and participate in the Board meetings.  Although much can be accomplished by e-mail and conference calls, there is really no substitute for face-to-face conversations and discussions.  These meetings are particularly important when information is being delivered and communication established among our various cultures and languages.  Understandings and decisions can be accomplished much more quickly and satisfactorily when we can engage together in one place. 

WILPF International has adopted a Travel Assistance Policy through which Sections in developing countries can qualify to have 85% of their travel costs met if they meet the following criteria:

  • International Board Member purchases her ticket at least one month in advance of the meeting
  • International Board Member attends the full International Board meeting
  • Section has paid their section fees for the two years before the meeting
  • Section has provided timely reports to the secretariat on their activities
  • International Board Member will travel by the least expensive method available

This well intentioned policy, however, is subject to the availability of funds.

Your generous donation to the restricted International Travel Fund of the U.S. Section will help International implement this policy and help WILPF remain the vibrant global woman’s organization it has historically been. The International Travel Fund appears as an option on the pull down menu on WILPF’s on-line giving page; donations designated for the fund can also be received by the Jane Addams Peace Association, WILPF’s 501c3 affiliate

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