Help us Stop a “Nuclear Power Renaissance”

Step One:
Is there a nuclear power plant planned for your town? Find out by checking the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission map (

Step Two:
WILPF DISARM! Member Jean Verthein is collecting info from WILPFers involved in resisting nuclear power. Email her at Jean.Verthein(at) with your information and concerns.

Step Three:
Study the facts. Among the most dangerous new plants are the ones to be built by the French company Areva in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas and Idaho. You can read about Areva here:

Additional Resources

How Old Is Your Reactor?
Most currently functioning reactors were built before 1989 with the majority built 30 or 40 years ago. As they age, they become increasingly dangerous. You can check the status of reactors in your area by going online to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission map of working reactors, at:

Making the Connection? Nuclear Power and Global Warming
The best summary of nuclear power’s contribution to global warming is the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) book and fact sheets on Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free ( IEER belongs to the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, as does WILPF. Jennifer Nordstrom, a WILPFer formerly with Reaching Critical Will, now heads this IEER program. Member Linda Richards just attended the IEER annual conference for DISARM!

Making a Nuclear Free Future
WILPF DISARM! has created the Nuclear Free Future Campaign. The entire nuclear chain – weapons, power and waste – threatens the ability of earth to sustain life. The campaign currently emphasizes abolition of nuclear weapons and is furnishing resources for Hiroshima-Nagasaki memorials. To join this work, contact nffchairs(at)
To read more about our work, check the DISARM! update at

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