Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

Read full Action Program as Adopted by National Conference to Bring the Troops Home Now!

Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

We call for the equal participation of women in all aspects of the antiwar movement. We propose nonviolent direct actions at local U.S. Congressional offices, federal buildings, defense corporations’ facilities, or military bases. These activities would be nationally coordinated local actions, on the same day, for everyone.

Nonviolent direct actions often result in arrest, thus participants would be prepared for that possible outcome before joining the action. Nonviolence training would be offered locally, with lists of trainers being made available.

We would welcome women who choose not to participate in the direct action to come as supporters, as protesters with banners, leaflets, and as press contacts.

The message/demand would be a vote – a Congressional action –  to end the wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. No bombing or invasion of Iran. Close U.S. bases. Costs of war must be exposed as they relate to social needs that are neglected because of military spending.

It is hoped that the national press would cover these actions given the fact that they will be both locally and nationally coordinated.

DATE: October 27, 2010.

Submitted by: Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom – U.S., and endorsed by the National Peace conference in Albany NY, July 23-24, 2010.

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