Chernobyl Related Deaths Top 900,000

Chernoby lMemorial.jpgAccording to a recent report issued by the New York Academy of Sciences, over 900,000 deaths are directly attributable to the 1986 explosions at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Yet, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty implicitly promotes the development of nuclear power to the extent that many nations party to that treaty have come to think of nuclear power as a guaranteed right. Whether nuclear power is an option or even a right doesn't negate the public health risks inherent in its development, risks that accrue disproportionately to women, and that are commensurate with those of living near a nuclear weapons complex, such as those located at Livermore or Los Alamos. As part of the Abolition Caucus, an informal group of international NGOs participating in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review process, WILPF says no to nuclear power. To find out why, read our joint statement distributed to conference delegates on May 20, 2010.

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