WILPF Continues Racial Justice Trainings in 2011

Sha'an Mouliert,
Racial Justice Training Facilitator

Sha'an Mouliert

In the current political climate, the Tea Party is capturing media headlines and the voices for racial justice continue to go unheard. Racist incidences and commentaries are more prevalent since the election of the first African American president. More states are considering immigration laws similar to Arizona and racial divides are widening. Is this because of the policies put forth by President Obama or is this the United States of America showing its true colors and exposing all the subtle forms of racism that have existed during the terms of Caucasian presidents?

In 2009, WILPF and the Building Beloved Community issue committee, sponsored Racial Justice Trainings in 14 branches, who invited their local allies and community partners. We are continuing this tour in 2011, conducting interactive, community building trainings that explore systemic racism and white privilege and how, even as social justice activists, they affect our own thinking and attitudes. The trainings will again be facilitated by Sha'an Mouliert, a WILPF member from Vermont and racial justice consultant and trainer.

This is a critical time when WILPF needs to stand out in the crowd and challenge systemic racism, name it and change it. These trainings are intended to help us look at ourselves, at how systemic racism affects us, and begin a dialogue with our neighbors  about strategies and tactics to address racial justice issues at a community level.

For more information or to schedule a training in your area, write to Sha’an at mouliert@vtlink.net.

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