WILPF Strongly Endorses Move to Amend

Going for the Whole Corporate Enchilada: WILPF Strongly Endorses Move to Amend

It’s getting clearer every day that the issues WILPFers care about are impeded on a grand scale by corporate power, corporate money, and corporate culture. Profiteering has replaced public service and concern for our “common wealth” in too many state legislatures and in the halls of Congress. Our Republic is threatened because of it.   

Indeed, for many WILPFers the question has become, “How do you meaningfully dissent when you no longer live in a Democracy?” The Move To Amend (MTA) campaign stands apart from many of the other Pro-Democracy campaigns because it targets the root of corporate power: the constitutional rights corporations stole from human persons. Move To Amend wants to strip from corporations ALL of those rights, not just their first amendment rights. We plan to do it by amending the Constitution of the United States.  

MTA won WILPF’s support and endorsement by going for a more comprehensive strategy than other groups (Free Speech for People, Public Citizen, UnCut, Common Cause and MoveOn, which variously pursue part of the whole). MTA, like WILPF has done for nearly a century, goes to the roots of war and injustice.  A WILPF representative sits on the MTA Steering Committee and helps with plans to grow the campaign throughout the nation.

MTA’s Four Major Goals for 2011:

1)  To inspire local resolutions and ordinances to abolish corporate personhood in communities, cities, civic clubs, labor union councils, environmental groups, political organizations, and other community-based entities.

2)  To build a network of formalized affiliates around the nation as a grass roots coalition that empowers people to create the democracy they thought we had.

3)  To use a MTA-proposed calendar of events to organize locally around dates and activities.

4)   To gather citizens in Madison, Wisconsin for a DEMOCRACY CONVENTION August 24 – 28.

How is MTA doing on those goals? Resolutions have been introduced and passed in municipalities, organizations, colleges and universities, and even state houses all over the country.  For a complete list, visit this site. To find the resources you need to work on a local model resolution in your own community, click here.

So far there are nearly 110,000 signatures on the national website petition, and there is a goal to get to 125,000 by the end of May. There are affiliates of MTA organizing in Iowa, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, Washington State, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Kansas. The events being promoted for action include Tax Day events in April, the 125th Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Santa Clara decision in May, Independence Day in July, A Democracy Convention in Madison, WI in August, Labor Day and Constitution Day in September, and the Anniversary of Citizens United on January 21st.

Move To Amend works in collaboration with such groups as Free Speech for People, Common Cause, Public Citizen, MoveOn, The Coffee Party, Alliance for Democracy, Sierra Club, local Democratic Clubs, and The Green Party  to organize local actions to inform, recruit, and engage citizens in this important Pro-Democracy work.  Even the founder of The Tea endorses MTA.  As Lawrence Lessig points out, no matter how divergent our end goals are, we must come together to defeat a common enemy:  corruption.
Your branch can get involved by joining the WILPF Corporations vs. Democracy Working Group, attending the CvD Plenary and workshop at our Triennial Congress in June, or contacting CvD leadership about tools and resources to get started.
It’s going to take ALL Americans working together to return to the promise of Government of the people, by the people and for the people!

Marybeth Gardam
Corporations v Democracy Leadership Team


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