Mission statement:  The Johanna Muench Fox Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Mrs. Gerald Fox an avid peace advocate, gardener, conservationist. Johanna was an active member of  WILPF during the 1930’s and 1940’s.  She was president of New York WILPF Branch as well as  New York State WILPF.  This fund seeks to support young women working in the environmental movement.

  1. Any WILPF member age 27 or younger may apply for a grant.  The project must be an event or program sponsored by a WILPF branch or WILPF Section that incorporates the mission of this fund.
  2. Individual applicants must have a letter of reference from their branch or, for at-large members, from another WILPF member.
  3. Any publicity, press release, poster, program etc must credit JAPA and the Johanna Muench Fox Fund.
  4. We require a grantee report to be submitted at the end of the project.  This form will be included in papers sent when the individual is funded.  Grantees are to return any money from the Johanna Muench Fox Fund that is not spent.
  5. Funding applications will be accepted at any time; however, decisions will be made twice a year in March and September.  The maximum amount of a grant will be $500.

The Grant is to be used for learning materials, tuition, and lecture registrations.  It is not to be used for travel.

  1. A completed application will include a letter of proposal, a budget and any references required.
  2. Please email applications to
  3. Applicants may not re-apply within 3 years.
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