Corporations v. Democracy - Leadership Team

Nancy Abbey (Santa Cruz, CA)

Marybeth Gardam (Des Moines, IA)

Mary Zepernick (Cape Cod, MA)

The persons listed above have agreed to assist anyone who may wish to join the WILPF challenge to corporate power. The pages in this website give on-line access to a wealth of information about this challenge, thanks to the dedicated research of many capable WILPF members over several years, many of whom continue in this effort. We make special notice of those who originated the campaign and oversaw the creation and dissemination of our first study guide: Alice Davis, Molly Morgan, Virginia Rasmussen, Paula Schnepp, Ben Sher, Charmaine Sprengelmeyer, Nadine Winslow, and Mary Zepernick.

We stand ready to help you in any way we can, both to absorb the information available here, and make contact with others in your area who share your interest in the challenge to corporate power.

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