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Download sections of our 2005 edition of the Mil-Corp Manual here. Join us in researching and exposing the war profiteers and in working for the transfer from a war economy to an economy of peace.

MIL-CORP ConneXion hi-lights what we in WILPF perceive as the very dangerous connection between the Pentagon and those corporations profiting from weapons production.

Together the Pentagon and these industries are now using almost half of our tax dollars to pay for past and future wars, and over half of the annual discretionary budget allocated by Congress. Some communities welcome both war industry and military bases for the jobs they provide -- but in many cases they cost communities more in lost health and environmental devastation than they bring in economic stimulation. Even worse, resources which could be used to promote "liberty and the pursuit of happiness" both at home and abroad are instead invested in weapons of death which destabilize our world, and threaten massive destruction. We in WILPF believe that we must work together to dismantle this war economy, and turn our energies to building a sustainable economy for peace.

We invite you to join us in this effort.


Members of the US WILPF DISARM Campaign leadership team have compiled a manual which we hope will help WILPF members and Branches – and, indeed, any persons who wish to join us -- in dismantling the war economy. Sections I, II, III and IV are now available in PDF versions and sections V, VI, VII, IX and X will be available in PDF versions shortly.

Section I.

Introduction to the MIL-CORP ConnXion (PDF)

Section II.

Our Vision: The world we want (PDF)

Section III.

The Dark Vision of the Military-Industrial Complex (PDF)

Section IV.

The Dirty Dozen: Partners in Mass Destruction (PDF)

The Dirty Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Word Doc)

Section V.

More Tools for Watching Nuclear Weapons Producers (Word Doc)

Map of the United State's Active Nuclear Weapons Facilities (Word Doc)

The Nuclear Weapons Production Complex Chart (Word Doc)

Section VI.

Tracking Other Military Contractors (Word Doc)

Map of U.S. Biodefense Program (Word Doc)

Key for Map of U.S. Biodefense Program (JPG)

Section VII.

WILPF Research/Action Guide for Tracking Military Corporations (Word Doc)

Section VIII

Detrimental Effects of Weapons Production (Word Doc)

Section IX .

A Peace Economy!

(Word Doc)

Section X

A Request for Feedback

(Word Doc)


Do you have questions? Share your comments and suggestions. Tell us of other resources we should include in our Handbook or on the website! Send progress reports as your own campaign unfolds. We want to share your successes with our Branches and “at large” members!


Pat Birnie, MIL-CORP ConneXion

5349 W. Bar X Street

Tucson, AZ 85713

Phone & Fax: 520-908-9269

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