Goodsearch - WILPF info needs update

Anyone in charge of updating all the sites where WILPF resides?

Someone needs to update the site,  with new address/phone#/contact info.

I realize you're all working very diligently to get our 94 yr. old organization visible and viable.  The 'net should be the first place to keep WILPF up front and current.

RAGING GRANNY SONG: WILPF is 94 years old!


Some of you are still celebrating the Christmas  holidays. I'm also looking forward to 2009 with a WILPF themed, Raging Granny song.

This song was first brought to the grannies at the 2008 Des Moines WILPF Triennial by Cappy Israel, WILPF/Raging Granny from Santa Cruz CA. Believe they have a new edition of their songbook.

I've misplaced my songsheet so here is the first verse from memory. My goal is to memorize the verses, accompanied by my uke and use it in 2009. Think it's ok to add your own verses.

WHEN WE'RE 94 Great Way to Give

Have you set your web search default to

It's the easiest way to give to our favorite cause -WILPF!

Just go to the "Tools" icon on your screen and change the internet options.  Type in and set that as your default by clicking "ok" or "apply."

 Disarmingly yours for a nuclear-free-future,

Shirley Lin Kinoshita

San Jose Branch WILPF

Feminist Analysis

Who in WILPF is involved in doing feminist analysis either nationally or internationally? -Deb Garretson

30th Triennial Congress Reports

Dear WILPFers,
If you attended the recent Iowa Congress and have a report or submission you would like to share about Congress, please send it to me at and I will post it on this blog. This was my first full Congress and it was quite an experience! The Des Moines branch outdid themselves and set yet another high standard for the next Congress in 2011. Barbara L. Nielsen, San Francisco branch (and national treasurer 2008-2011)

Calling all WILPF Raging Grannies!

As your erstwhile song leader from the Triennial Congress, I just wanted to send a note of thanks for participating on stage and at the water acton at the Des Moines Farmer's market. Think we perked otherwise serious business up a bit. Thanks so much.

While I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Congress my primary regret was that there was so little opportunity to share ideas and songs. This blog spot is my hope of remedying this shortcoming.

Some of us were still singing while we waited in airports to board.




Letters to the Editor

I suggest that it would be wonderful if members would post their letters to the editor on this site, and specify if they would be okay with others using the material. It might get more letters out there throughout the country. Everyone can't be an expert in everything and it would widen the range that WILPF might be able to influence. -Deb Garretson, Bloomington

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