Visiting Branch Congressional delegations with Gaza and Peace is Possible Post Cards

I’ve just completed a ten day period in Washington D.C. (Feb 19 to 29). I want to report to you on the visits, in which Tzili Mor of AHR/CEDAW and Ellen Barfield of DISARM! Dismantle the War Economy also participated. Ellen Thomas served as a collection point in D.C. for post cards, and she and Elisabeth Leonard in Philadelphia provided hospitality.

The Crisis in Gaza

Our membership recently wrote and published a statement on the situation in Gaza. The US Section has adopted the statement.

We recognize that the issue of peace and justice in Palestine and Israel can be difficult to discuss in a manner that seems equitable to all. We welcome comments regarding the recent statement - please submit a comment to this blog post to join our discussion on the crisis in Gaza.

Building a Peace Economy! And never giving up!

Remember how at the end of the Cold War hopes were high for a peace dividend and conversion to a peace economy? I was living in Lesotho at the time, but I also felt the excitement and hopefulness as peace seemed to be breaking out all over -- even in the U.S. economy.

Audio and Photos from October 27th Philadelphia