Branch Mailing June 2006

“In politics, an organized minority is a political majority.

Jesse Jackson

Hello Branch Contacts!                                                                      June, 2006

We are pleased to send you the Summer 2006 Program Update. This packet has information on victories we must celebrate, like the passage of Measure T in Humboldt County, protecting citizens rights over corporations, and the cancellation of the Divine Strake Nuclear Test at the Nevada test site, both of which WILPF members played key roles in winning.

While we must celebrate our victories, we also must recognize the threats to peace and justice that are looming on our horizon and are currently sanctioned by our government. This packet has statements and action alerts on the threat of military action in Iran, the Guantanamo Bay Military Prison in Cuba, and the announcement of the WCUSP’s campaign to restore US aid to the democratically elected government of Palestine so that peace negotiations can resume. All of the statements have action items attached, so there are lots of ways for you and your branch members to get involved. Use these action items as a way to draw in new members to WILPF and build our movement and organization. 

Please take note of the enclosed Declaration of Peace flyer. WILPF has enthusiastically endorsed the call for widespread, coordinated acts of civil disobedience to end the Iraq war.

And, as always, a host of updates and announcements from our campaigns and issue committees are include in this packet. A lot of time and resources goes into creating these, so please MAKE COPIES FOR YOUR BRANCH and if you have feedback, please make sure to let us know!

Peace,                                                                         Program Coordinator
                                                                                    1213 Race Street
                                                                                    Philadelphia, PA 19107
Kate Zaidan                                                       

Table of Contents

Guantanamo Statement
Guantanamo Action Items
Road to Guantanamo Postcard

Iran Statement
Iran Action Items

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Press Release: Restore Aid to the PA
Women Wanted for Middle East Peace
Libby Speaks: Campaign Representative Speaks in CA

Save the Water :
Where have all the fountains gone?
Campaign Summer Action Alert: Stop GATS!
What You Can Do

Disarm Update
Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee Report
Corporations V. Democracy Issue Committee Report

National Membership Committee Conference Call
Stimulating and Sustaining Membership

Declaration of Peace
Women and the US Budget
WILPF Gathering in Vermont

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