Complementary declaration signed by Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay and Bolivia at the Fourth World Water Forum

Word document of statement on

The Ministers or their representatives herein signing at the Fourth World Water Forum, declare before the participants of this Forum, the international community and the people of the world, the following:

Access to water with quality, quantity and equity, constitutes a fundamental human right. The States, with the participation of the communities, shall make efforts at all levels to guarantee this right to their citizens, within their respective countries. Thus, we agree to continue making all efforts within the Commission on Sustainable Development of the United Nations and other international fora according to their mandates, to recognize and make this right effective.

We declare our profound concern regarding the possible negative impacts that international instruments -- such as the free trade and investment agreements -- can have on water resources, and reaffirm the sovereign right of every country to regulate water and all its uses and services.

We exhort the international community and multilateral entities to comply with the commitments repeatedly made to support efforts of countries guarantee access to water and sewage treatment.

We call on all States to develop the World Water Forum in the framework of the international multilateral system, based on the principles of full participation and inclusion.

Mexico City, March 22, 2006

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