DISARM! Leadership Team

The DISARM! Campaign Leadership Team welcomes feedback, reports, and ideas from members and branches. The team members are listed below by project that they work on. Below that you will find their contact information.

Abolition Project:
Carol Urner and MacGregor Eddy

Mil-Corp ConneXion Project:
Pat Birnie and Carol Urner

Listening Project:
Ellen Barfield and Yoshiko Ikuta

Eye on Congress Project:
Val Mullen and Yvonne Logan


Carol Urner, Campaign Co-Chair
Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA Branches

Ellen Barfield, Campaign Co-Chair and Board Rep for Program
Baltimore, MD Branch

Yoshiko Ikuta, Board Rep for Membership
Cleveland, OH Branch

Pat Birnie
Tucscon, AZ Branch

Val Mullen
Central, VT Branch

Yvonne Logan
St. Louis, MO Branch

MacGregor Eddy
Monterey County, CA Branch

Gretchen Klotz

Sharon Tramer

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