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Do You want to be part of the New Issue Committee to Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights?

After 6 years as a WILPF Campaign, the Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights project is transforming into an Issue Committee.

We look back in pride on the dozens of study groups, presentations all over the country, thousands of flyers distributed, resolutions and ordinances passed, consciousness raised, new people involved in WILPF and in challenging corporate rule. This campaign has helped begin a very important new discussion about democracy and people's rights.

Now we are rethinking, re-planning, regrouping, and with new members, reinvigorating! If the Study Sessions inspired you, if you want to work on Abolishing Corporate Personhood or other issues of Corporate Power, and if you have the energy to take a role in this new phase of WILPF's Corporate Analysis and Actions, now is the time to join the Issue Committee. We are in the early planning and you are needed to help shape our direction. Your excitement, fresh ideas and new leadership can make this an ever more flexible and useful tool for WILPF branches and beyond.

In the past, many of you have been supportive from afar, and we thank you for that. But now we need some of you to step up into leadership roles. The new committee will need many types of involvement; someone to work with the website, members to write articles, give presentations and develop new materials for branches. Issue Committee Members will participate on
conference calls, do outreach to WILPF branches and other like minded organizations, and many other things not yet thought of. We need to research, ponder and discuss.

The Issue Committee has not yet chosen a name or picked specific issues. Everything is on the table and we are open to all suggestions. The CCP,APR Campaign leadership team is very proud of what has been accomplished by WILPF on this issue. We want to assure it will continue! So as we step away from our leadership roles, we are hoping to pass the baton to new WILPFers who will build on this solid foundation. This is your opportunity to make waves on an issue that is rapidly gaining momentum in the public dialogue.

Join now and plan with us.
The new committee will start in Fall 2005.

---Cover cartoon from CCP, APR “Tips on Passing a Resolution to Abolish Corporate Personhood” flyer downloadable from

Join us !

Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights Leadership Team:
Virginia Rasumussen, Molly Morgan, Jan Edwards, Nancy Price, Kirsten Lambertsen, Jacqui Brown Miller, Alis Valencia, Mary Beth Callie, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Doug Hammerstrom, Paula Schnepp, Mary Zepernick, Joyce Smith

Contact Gillian Gilhool, Program Coordinator in the National Office, to participate in the "Corporate Power Issue Committee" organizing conference call this Spring.
Email her at or call 215-563-7110.

January, 2005


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