Challenging Corporate Power, Asserting the People's Rights
Campaign Leadership Team

Jacqui Brown Miller (Olympia, WA)
(360) 402-1236

Mary Beth Callie (Denver, CO)

Jan Edwards (Point Arena, CA)

Kate Zaidan (Philadelphia, PA)

Kirsten Lambertsen (San Francisco, CA)
866-280-1409 x600

Molly Morgan (San Diego, CA)

Virginia Rasmussen (Alfred, NY)

Challenge Corporate Power, Assert the People's Rights

The committee and leadership team has been redesigned to better meet the needs of the growing campaign, especially the national action to Abolish Corporate Personhood. It has been envisioned and structured to provide for the various functions of the work in ways that develop new leadership and model the democratic change we want to create.

The basic structure consists of working groups, and Issue Committee membership involves serving on one or more of these. Each group has a representative on the leadership team. This role can rotate as each working group sees fit. Also on the team are the two campaign representatives to the national board (Molly Morgan, program; Paula Schnepp, membership), and the campaign liaison (Virginia Rasmussen). The board members serve a three-year term, beginning at the Congress; the campaign liaison can change on a random basis. Decision-making by the leadership team and the working groups is by consensus, but each working group determines its internal process according to the nature of its task and participants. The leadership team has monthly conference calls and periodic planning retreats. Email is used extensively, with a commitment to include by phone, fax, and/or USPS those not online. This is not only a democratic necessity, but a reminder that this campaign is not driven by urgency.

Working Groups

Not all of these have formed, and the others are open to being further fleshed out as new campaign committee members identify their interests. The necessary functions of working groups not currently staffed are the responsibility of the leadership team. Current leadership team representatives are in caps.

Education/Outreach: JAN EDWARDS, Molly Morgan

If you like to figure out good ways to explain and present issues, or write/compile educational materials; or speak, facilitate workshops, consult with people about the campaign -- in other words, get information out into the world -- this is the group for you.

Media/Publicity: MARY BETH CALLIE, Alis Valencia

Are you eager to take a crack at the media, corporate or otherwise? This working group supports the education, outreach, and research function, preparing all campaign materials (print and electronic). It compiles media contact lists, sends out releases, coordinates interviews, and consults with local groups on their media/publicity work.

Network/Coalition Building: KATLIN SOPOCI-BELKNAP, Karen Advokaat, Mary Zepernick

People with an interest in getting to know what local people are doing with this campaign have found their niche. This working group will maintain contact with the network of study groups and local personhood actions.

Budget/Fundraising: VIRGINIA RASMUSSEN

If you have an eye for figures and dollars, here's a chance to work with the staff fundraiser on proposals and keep in touch with the campaigns income and expenses.

Research/Legal: DOUG HAMMERSTROM, Jan Edwards, Sally Flax, Gregory Wonderwheel

If you like to dig into history, think about strategy, or have legal experience, this is your group. It will find new information illuminating the issues addressed by the campaign and explore legal cases and arguments. Some of the work requires law/research experience; some can be learned on the job.

San Francisco Personhood Resolution: KIRSTEN LAMBERTSEN


Staff: JEN GEIGER, Program Coordinator


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