Enews June 2007

Welcome to the June E News!

As we move into summer, WILPF members are busy working for peace across the country and around the world. In this newsletter, we want to share news of an historic conference in Mexico you probably never heard about. We are announcing the winners of the Jane Addams book awards. We hope you will enjoy the latest version of WILPF's longtime newsletter Pacific Vision, now available online. Our DisArm committee is urging you to plan now for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemorations in August and Keep Space for Peace week in the Fall. Our legislative action this month is supporting a piece of legislation being introduced by our sponsor, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) that promotes the US Congress to implement Security Council Res. 1325, Women, Peace and Security. To deepen your knowledge on 1325, Jessica Lee, a recent intern in the WILPF national office has written an excellent article on the state of Iraqi women through the lens of 1325. Finally, we hope to see you at the US Social Forum in Atlanta. If you are coming, please come by our table and pick up our schedule of all WILPF related events taking place throughout the Forum.

JAPA Book Awards
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Since 1953, the Jane Addams Children's Book Award annually acknowledges books published in the U.S. during the previous year. Books chosen effectively address themes or topics that promote peace, justice, world community, and/or equality of the sexes and all races. The books also must meet conventional standards of literary and artistic excellence. 

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Pacific Vision Newsletter

Pacific Vision is a newsletter of WILPF that concentrates on issues of peace, freedom, and justice in the Pacific Region. It promotes a vision of Peace in a region which has suffered so much from colonialism, theft of native peoples' rightful resources, and the cruel wars of the last century. The current issue includes an interview with founding editor Caroline Canafax, and several original contributed articles, including an important article on the US Guestworker Program (a non-traditional topic for this newsletter).

Read it at http://wilpf.org/pacific_vision .

"Homeland Insecurity Strikes Again-US Government Cuba Embargo blocks cooperation on hurricanes"

A historic meeting took place from May 23 through the 26th in Monterrey, Mexico as Cuban and US hurricane experts gathered to exchange ideas and information just as hurricane season began.  However, one participant failed to appear, thanks to untimely interference by the US State Department.

The US-Cuba Hurricane Summit was the first event of its kind.  Wayne Smith of the Center for International Policy and co-coordinators WILPF member Randy Poindexter of NO-MAS (the New Orleans-Mariel Amistad Society) and another WILPF'er, Jay Higgenbotham of Society Mobile-La Habana, assembled participants from along the hard-hit Gulf Coast region to attend the summit. They met with leading Cuban experts to discuss how the US could better prepare for hurricanes. read more ...

For more background on Cuba and WILPF, the report on WILPF's November 2006 delegation to Cuba at http://www.wilpf.int.ch/events/IWPC/DelegationReport.pdf

Disaffirming Resolution 1325

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 acknowledges that women and children make up the overwhelming majority of those adversely affected by armed conflict.  The Security Council therefore addresses the necessity for parties involved in armed conflict to protect the rights of women and children.  Further more, Resolution 1325 calls for an increased representation of women in the decision-making level for peace-building. The violations against Iraqi women demonstrate that the United States as an occupying force has failed to implement 1325. read more ...

Write Congress About Resolution 146!

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), a longtime WILPF supporter, is seeking additional co-sponsors for House Resolution 146, an act to help end violence against women through implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325. Congressional co-sponsors need to know that HR 146 will help end violence against women in conflict zones, in the armed services, and during post-conflict reconstruction.

WILPF participated in the drafting of Security Council Resolution 1325 and worked to support its unanimous adoption by the United Nations Security Council in October 2000. Peacewomen, one of the most significant civil society agencies partnering with UNIFEM in monitoring progress under SCR1325, is a project of WILPF.

Action: Write to your House Representative to co-sponsor H. RES. 146, The Sense of the House regarding full implementation of UNSCR1325, to protect women from violence due to conflict, and to promote women to positions of power and decision to involve men and women equally in the pre and post-conflict process.

Note: if you need more postcards or envelopes, email kzaidan@wilpf.org

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Plan ahead for Hiroshima/Nagasaki observances

Check out DISARM UPDATE at www.disarm.wilpf.org for continually updating resources.  Report your own plans to WILPF DISARM committee at carol.disarm@gmail.com .

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