Alert-From FCNL-Invest in Peace Action

There is a need for a dramatic increase in spending on the civilian
instruments of national security - diplomacy, strategic communications,
foreign assistance, civic action, and economic reconstruction and

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaking at Kansas State University,

The failure of the U.S.'s unilateral military engagement in Iraq has fueled
a growing understanding within the military that the U.S. needs diplomatic
tools to help prevent war. But Congress has not yet invested in tools that
can lead to a lasting peace.

Your representative can make an investment this year in building peace by
supporting the Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management Act
(H.R. 1084). Instead of sending the military to countries teetering on the
brink of war or emerging from conflict, the U.S. could send civilian experts
who specialize in training police, running hospitals and schools, improving
farm production, and other specialties. These trained civilians would help
governments strengthen the public institutions that meet people's basic
needs and give them confidence in their government's ability to protect and
support them.

Your action is needed now. Although the bill has bipartisan backing, it has
not garnered enough support or cosponsors to move toward a vote in the
House. Your representative's support of this bill can help it advance this

Take Action

Urge your representative to expand the U.S. toolkit for preventing conflict
by cosponsoring the Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management Act
(H.R. 1084). If your representative is already a cosponsor, thank her or
him. Your encouragement and thanks will encourage your representative to
further support ways of peacefully preventing conflict:


Find out more about the Reconstruction and Stabilization Civilian Management

Read Secretary Gates's speech:

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