Eye Alerts

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Alerts on key issues facing Congress are sent to "EYE contacts" around the country from the WILPF in  Washington office or the DISARM Eye on Congress committee on a regular basis. Click on the links below to read our current alert or past alerts on key disarmament issues.

Read more about the EYE on Congress project, or to become an Eye contact for your WILPF branch, please contact Val Mullen (vmullen@together.net)

Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

Read full Action Program as Adopted by National Conference to Bring the Troops Home Now!

Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

We call for the equal participation of women in all aspects of the antiwar movement. We propose nonviolent direct actions at local U.S. Congressional offices, federal buildings, defense corporations’ facilities, or military bases. These activities would be nationally coordinated local actions, on the same day, for everyone.

Nonviolent direct actions often result in arrest, thus participants would be prepared for that possible outcome before joining the action. Nonviolence training would be offered locally, with lists of trainers being made available.

We would welcome women who choose not to participate in the direct action to come as supporters, as protesters with banners, leaflets, and as press contacts.

WILPFers Attend and Meet-Up at the Obama Inauguration!

WILPF Co-Presidents Attend the Inauguration in Washington DC!

WILPF Co-Presidents Nancy Munger and Laura Roskos attended the Obama Inauguration
WILPF Co-President Nancy Munger with George Bush shoe target
WILPF Co-President Laura Roskos throws shoe at George Bush target
Shoes at feet of George Bush shoe target

WILPF Co- Presidents Laura Roskos and Nancy Munger attended President Barack Obama's Inauguration and arranged several opportunities for meet-ups with WILPFers. 

Laura and Nancy displayed the WILPF banner and were wearing beautiful WILPF scarves - extras of which are available for you ($10/each).

The Co-Presidents were not only at the Inauguration as spectators, but also to advocate for WILPF's priorities for the Obama administration.

WILPF's eNewsletter sent out on Tuesday Jan 20th contained WILPF's full political agenda and link to WILPF's letter to Obama!

The photos to the right show Laura and Nancy doing their best to "shoo out" George W. Bush!



Alert-From FCNL-Invest in Peace Action

There is a need for a dramatic increase in spending on the civilian
instruments of national security - diplomacy, strategic communications,
foreign assistance, civic action, and economic reconstruction and

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaking at Kansas State University,

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