Fracking and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement

This month, we focus on “Fracking” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement—current topics that highlight corporate power and rule, and naturally converge with Corporations v Democracy and Building the Beloved Community Issue Committees. The next TPP roundtable will take place in Leesburg, VA September 6-15. As Branches, members and friends work on chosen areas for education and action, let’s realize these convergences and the potential to cross-fertilize our work. Let's also remember and celebrate that all our work builds the grassroots movement locally, nationally, and internationally needed to realize social, economic, and environmental justice leading to peace and freedom.

Earth Democracy’s mandate is broad, and so we created the four subcommittees: Human Right to Water and Health; Rights of Nature/Future Generation Guardianship; Food Democracy/Local Economy; and Climate Change/Renewable Energy. This being the case, however, to integrate these broad subject areas under Earth Democracy, we adopted two framing initiatives, working in collaboration with Carolyn Raffesnperger, founder and Executive Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. These initiatives are: the Precautionary Principle and Guardianship of Future Generations. Listen to Carolyn speak “On Becoming Great Ancestors” and Guardianship.

In a few weeks, our new Earth Democracy materials will be posted on the website for you to read all about these and more to inspire you. Until then, please join the Earth Democracy listserve for news and to share ideas.

Here we highlight, WILPF members’ work on fracking in Ohio and North Carolina and the July mobilization in Washington, D.C to “Stop the Frack Attack."  And, second, what you can do to stop “Trading Away Democracy to Corporate Rule under the TPP."


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