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1. Fill out and return enclosed questionnaire.

2. Have one branch member designated to receive emails on Middle East issues.

3. Have brown bag lunch discussion groups within your branch to learn what other branch members are thinking.

4. Locate other groups in your area who are working on the issue: AFSC, Friends of Sabeel, End the Occupation, Jews for Global Justice, Women in Black and Peace committees in religious institutions. Find ways of working together.

5. Using the books and video list enclosed, pick one and arrange a discussion meeting. The video, "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land," is especially recommended.

6. Work with the ACLU and others to combat the Patriot Act.

7. Challenge friends who make anti-Arab, anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish jokes or comments.

8. Join a Women in Black vigil.

9. Circulate enclosed Weapons Watch Petition.

10. Reach out to mosques and groups like the American Arab Anti-Discrimination (ADC) and the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR) and request a speaker for WILPF.

11. Reach out to Jewish peace groups in synagogues and groups like Brit Tzedek V'Shalom and Tikkun and request a speaker for WILPF.

12. Wear your WCUSP (our Campaign acronym) T-shirt or button in your daily life and distribute cards with how-to-order info. Create your own personal card with WILPF contact info. Be prepared for the interest you will generate. (These items will be available in the near future. Members will be notified.)

13. Consider going on a fact-finding trip to Israel-Palestine with a group such as Fellowship of Reconciliation, Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace or Faculty for Israel-Palestine Peace.


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