US WILPF Letter of Support to Code Pink Delegation to Gaza, March 2009

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March 1, 2009

To the Code Pink Delegation:

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation and support for the important mission Code Pink has undertaken with its delegation to Gaza in recognition of International Women's Day. We are pleased that WILPF members Regina Birchem and Alice Walker will be part of the group, and know that many more of our members will be with you in spirit over the next several days.

 Women of Gaza
 Code Pink in Gaza
 Code Pink in Gaza
Code Pink in Gaza 
Code Pink in Gaza 
Photos courtesy of Code Pink. Go to for more.

For the last three years, WILPF U.S. has organized nationally around the theme of "Women Challenge US Policy, Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East." Like Code Pink, we are concerned for the children of Gaza who "are hungry, cold, without electricity and running water." We are dismayed and deeply regret that most of the weapons used to kill the people of Gaza and destroy their infrastructure were made in USA and given to Israel, paid for by our tax dollars. We want to express our deep solidarity with the women of Gaza as we mourn with them. We admire their spirit of resistance in the face of recurrent military escalations. We hope that the future will bring peace for all the people living in this region and we work towards this aim by educating and engaging US residents and their elected representatives about the causes and realities of the armed conflict in Gaza.

Women of the US have been too long overdue in responding to the cries of the people of Gaza. Israel's actions have resulted in the imprisonment and collective punishment of the Palestinian civilian population, without electricity for power and water treatment, without fuel for cooking and heat, with dangerously limited amounts of food and medicine, and bombing of homes and infrastructure.

Peace cannot be achieved by imprisoning and starving 1.5 million people.

Therefore our members are urging the following actions:

All parties agree to an immediate cease fire;
Israel to rescind the "hostile entity" designation of Gaza;
Israel to immediately to lift the Gaza blockade and restore freedom of movement for people and goods;
Israel fulfill its obligation as an occupying power subject to International and human rights law.

We hope that Code Pink's International Women's Day delegation to Gaza will inspire women everywhere to denounce the violence being perpetrated on the Palestinian people and hold Israel accountable for its actions.


Nancy A. Munger
Co-President, WILPF U.S. Section

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