March 30, 2007 Program Update

Program Update! A look at What's Happening In WILPF Program

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign

Save the Water Campaign
DISARM Issue Committee
Haiti Issue Committee
Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East

Our WCUSP Toolkit for the Visioning Project and ongoing Middle East campaign is now on-line at A grant request was submitted seeking funding for the Visioning, including reproduction costs and travel expenses for facilitators.Our 10 Reasons for Challenging U.S. Policy in Palestine and Israel have
been personally presented, thanks to Kate Zaidan, to many of your Congressional representatives. We also did an action alert on International Women's Day focused on Palestinian women, children and seniors in prison.

Save the Water

The Water Campaign brochure was completed, and now available on our website for you to download at . Kate Zaidan met with Washington DC Branch members to discuss national WILPF programming concerns and to strategize “Stop Fast Track Trade Negotiation that trades away our water”. Fast Track is up for renewal June 30th this year. Some of the actions being considered are: talking points on Fast Track related to water a postcard to send to every member in branches in selected Congressional districts, and Lobbying work would include collaborating with like-minded organizations such as Sierra Club. We are preparing 4 water related workshops at U S Social Forum in Atlanta this summer. Olivia Zink did presentation at Goucher College in Maryland and Nancy Price presented her program for Philadelphia YWILPF branch. UN’s 15 th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) is being held at the New York Headquarters of the United Nations and the Water Campaign is hosting a side event. Great Lakes governors received copies of summery of Compact on Water. We will continue with follow up work on this. Rep. Dennis Kucinich had joined the other lawmakers to fight privatization of Great Lakes water.


Lobby with the WILPF delegation and Alliance for Nuclear Accountability on April 25-27. Join the new national War Profiteers Network and use new materials from Reaching Critical Will on corporations near you profiteering on nuclear weapons and space militarization. Let's work for a peace economy! Check it all out on Read reports from WILPF members on the newly formed No Foreign Bases Network, and the Global Network Space for Peace Conference in Darmstadt, Germany.


Rep. Maxine Waters’ recently introduced a resolution calling on the International Financial Institutions to cancel all of Haiti's debt. The Committee will encourage all WILPF members to contact their members of congress to urge more support for this bill One of our Committee members will attend the upcoming meeting in Bolivia. There may be a Haiti workshop at the Congress organized by the US Section. A Haitian Women’s Collective, KOLEKTIF FANMI PRIZONYE POLITIK (Political Prisoners’ Families’ Collective) is seeking solidarity with the Haiti Issue Committee. The Collective is trying to free family members who happen to be Haitian political prisoners. These prisoners were put in jail after the February 29, 2004, coup d'etat and many have been held in detention, without charge, for as long as three years. The Committee will write a letter of support for them and their cause and continue to discuss other ways to demonstrate our solidarity.

Advancing Human Rights

WILPF Online BookRead , April 16th to May 15th, 2007
Join our second Online Bookread and discussion with other WILPF members on Jan Maher's book, Most Dangerous Women: Bringing History to Life Through Readers' Theater. The book, and the play within the book, document the efforts of nearly a century of women's involvement in the peace movement focusing on WILPF and women recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. This bookread will provide another opportunity to add to the tools that WILPF has developed for promoting peace and inspiring others to join the peace movement. Join us by contacting


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