WILPF May eNews

Join End Wars/DISARM! in May for a Nuclear Free Future, Demilitarization of the

Heavens, and an End to Wars!

by Carol Urner

Peace / San Francisco?Creative Commons Attribution License, photo by Σταρος

Give some time in May to create the better world we know is possible. At this moment, WILPF activists are engaged in End Wars/DISARM! work in three different spheres. Join their action, learn more, and support:
  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, Eliminating Nuclear Power
  • Keeping Space for Peace
  • Ending and Preventing War

Contact nffchairs@wilpf.org to find out how you can do more to work towards total disarmament and peace. (Note: END WARS/DISARM also works on Dismantling the War Economy. Look for updates in the next Enews.)

Read and circulate the US WILPF Iran statement on Iran, Israel, peace in the Middle East and the UN proposed Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone.
Download Reaching Critical Will Tool Kit on the Iranian Nuclear Situation here. (Tool Kit includes: Briefing paper; talking points; and sample letters to the editor and political representatives.)

Download WILPF fact sheet on Middle East Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction here.

READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO: Abolishing Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power; Keep Space for Peace; END Wars!


Help Build a NATO-Free Future: Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice

by Joan Ecklein

Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice in Chicago:

May 18-19, 2012  

While NATO meets in Chicago, peace & justice activists will gather at the Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice to map an alternative path towards a world free of war, want, & occupations. In plenary sessions and 28 workshops, we will share analysis, conduct trainings, and feature campaigns to bring the troops home, to move the money from the Pentagon to meet real human needs and to create a more peaceful, just and secure world. With leading and grassroots activists from across the US and around the world, the counter-summit will provide rare and critically important opportunities to learn from one another, to network and to build more integrated peace, economic and social justice movements. 

WILPF has organized the following workshop: Close NATO Military Bases: NATO Missiles, Nuclear Weapons and Military Bases -Obstacles to Peace and Disarmament. The speakers are Bruce Gagnon, Jacki Cabasso and Irene Eckert (German WILPF member, activist against military bases.) WILPF members Libby Frank and Beth Adams are participants in other workshops.  

The Counter Summit is sponsored by Network for a NATO Free Future, a coalition of peace, faith, labor, economic and racial justice, and immigrant rights groups and will be held at People’s Church, 941 W Lawrence, Chicago, IL. To register or for more information, please visit: www.natofreefuture.org or email: info@natofreefuture.com.

For Earth Democracy—Let's Rally for Fair Trade

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade agreement”- the NAFTA of the Pacific? Not, unless you’ve followed Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch.  But New Zealanders are saying “NO” to this NAFTA of the Pacific that is meant to isolate China and is hailed as a “landmark, 21st century trade agreement, setting a new standard for global trade and incorporating next-generation issues."

Yet, it is the same old agenda. This is why we’ve created the Earth Democracy Issue group to present a new agenda for people, our communities and nature. In the next eNews, we’ll outline the creative and exciting directions this work can take us.

The TPP continues corporate globalization and trade policies that benefit the 1% and the TPP “free trade agreement” (Trans-Pacific FTA) could quickly: offshore millions of American jobs, undermine food safety, further deregulate Wall Street, end Buy Local and Buy America policies, impact access to lower-cost medicine, decrease environmental protections, and more.

As the case in all “free” trade agreements, corporations of every signatory country can lodge an investor complaint against the U.S. for any local, state or national law considered to harm their investor right to profit at the expense of jobs, human rights and social, economic and environmental justice. If the corporation wins the claim, either the U.S. government pays a huge multi-million fine with tax-payer $$ or strikes the law passed by our elected representatives.

Take a look at maps showing where foreign TPP corporations are located in the U.S. that could challenge our sovereignty and laws passed by our elected representatives. Read more...

WILPF International Initiative: Ending Discrimination and Reinforcing Women's Peace and Security in the MENA Region

This spring, WILPF International, in collaboration with other strategic partners, will be holding a series of national consultations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region (May 2012) and a conference in Geneva (June 2012) to advance women's rights and women's participation regarding all matters relating to peace and security. Results from national consultations in Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia will then shape WILPF’s two day international conference in Geneva during the 20th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), and will also be used to develop a long term capacity building program for organizations working to end discrimination against women and to ensure women’s full involvement in the prevention of conflict and promotion of peace and security.

The background which led WILPF to organize the MENA advocacy project resulted from a growing awareness that the extremely militarised and non-consultative leadership style  against which ordinary citizens revolted against through popular uprisings internationally labeled ‘the Arab  Spring’, relied heavily on the exclusion and subordination of women – including from all  discourses on peace and security. WILPF recognized that while women have been key actors in the popular uprisings, the historical patterns of patriarchal exclusion found in earlier regimes were being  re-shaped, and even worsened, by the newly emerging  political  parties  and  male  leaders. Although women played vital roles in street- level mobilization to end oppressive regimes, women’s activism was not translating into increased public participation in reform processes—as was strikingly clear in the Tunisian and Egyptian elections. Read more...

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