Alternative Media Sources

At a time of corporate-owned media conglomerates when multiple viewpoints in mainstream US media are things of the past, we all need alternative information sources.

Check out the online media resources below and share them with friends…one of the most valuable things WILPF members can do is help others become informed! Some of these sites accept editorials from readers. Send them material and say you’re from WILPF!

IMPLEMENT A BRANCH MEDIA CAMPAIGN: find names and contact information for all radio, tv and print media in your area

ONLINE NEWSPAPERS - British Daily excellent Iraq coverage - British paper favoring news from independent journalists - BBC World Service with audio options

COLLECTIONS OF NEWS FROM MANY SOURCES and many links - - articles relating to African-Americans from variety of mainstream and independent sources - independent media organizations and journalists collective - Al-Jazeera's english language news site

MEDIA WATCHDOG/ADVOCACY SITES - Institute for Public Accuracy - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - Columbia Journal Review’s listing of who really owns the media


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