WILPF Membership

By joining WILPF today, you will join a diverse network of women (and men) in 45 countries around the world. Our members include academics, students, researchers, activists, feminists, and many others.

To join WILPF you can either sign up with a National Section and National Group or through WILPF International Secretariat. Check if WILPF is already present in your country and if not, join our movement as an international member.

Why join WILPF?


Network for women’s rights and
sustainable peace


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Membership fees

If you decide to join as an international member, your membership will be based on self-reported income. Use the table below to determine the cost of your annual membership.

Income up to CHF 10,000 per year

Income between CHF 10,001 and CHF 30,000 per year

Income between CHF 30,001 and CHF 50,000 per year

Income between CHF 50,001 and CHF 70,000 per year

Income between CHF 70,001 and CHF 100,000 per year

Income between CHF 100,001 and CHF 120,000 per year

Income between CHF 120,001 per year plus donation

CHF 10

CHF 20

CHF 40

CHF 50

CHF 100

CHF 120

CHF 150

Payment Methods

The online application will automatically direct you to make a secure payment via PayPal or credit card.

Payments with credit cards go through PayPal. Please click on “Pay using credit or debit card” and you will be redirected to another Paypal page. Unfortunately PayPal will still ask you to “create a PayPal account (where available)”. If this represents an obstacle, please consider joining though e-banking.

Remember that if you wish to pay in person or by bank transfer that is always possible! Just write to us and we will take it from there.

And remember that by becoming a member of WILPF you agree to WILPF’s Code of Conduct – the vision, mission and principles of WILPF.

If WILPF has a National Section in your country, select your country and get in touch with them.

If WILPF doesn’t have a Section in your country, you can join through our international website.