Build a Nuclear-Free Future with WILPF’s DISARM Committee!

Build a Nuclear-Free Future with WILPF’s DISARM Committee!

With a new president in office, now is the time to build public momentum against nuclear weapons and nuclear power. You can be part of the change, when you join WILPF’s Nuclear-Free Future project!

Let's begin now to educate ourselves for effective work in our own communities. With WILPF’s Reaching Critical Will resources, we’ll learn about that alphabet soup of treaties and promote compliance with the NPT, ratification of the CTBT, support for a successor to the START treaty, resistance to nuclear power and more. You can choose an area to focus on.Join us in April from the 25 – 29, when we head to Washington DC with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA). We’ll have special lobbying training and a chance to plan and focus our work over the next 12 months. (See our invitation flyer and registration materials for more information)

This action ties into WILPF’s Nuclear-Free Future project, which starts now and will culminate at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in May 2010. Working for nuclear abolition is empowering. It offers activists real world strategies and hands-on education beneficial to all areas – local grassroots mobilizing or raising our voices nationally and internationally at the UN.

Can’t come to DC? Join us in New York from May 4 – 15 for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Prep Committee. Want to attend? Let us know by March 7 and we’ll send you information on how to registermake sure that your WILPF membership dues are current. Staying local? You can keep up to date with “News in Review” from WILPF’s Reaching Critical Will project at

As a new administration takes charge in Washington, the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries are still lobbying hard. Let them know we’re watching. To join our WILPF DISARM efforts in DC or at the UN contact by March 7, 2009. You can also join our Nuclear-Free Future e-list, or visit our DISARM Update at However you choose to be involved, we look forward to working together!

NFF invitation flyer link – please share with other WILPFers

ANA Registration Form -- deadline for early registration fee is March 26

Penn House Accommodations Form – send to WILPF contact by March 20

Other informational links: - NPT Prep Com and more - news, fact sheets & more – info about ANA DC Days


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