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Bumper stickers are available from the Committee on Corporations v Democracy  for $2 each plus shipping or in quantities to be resold by your branch for $1 each plus shipping. Produced by a locally owned and operated union printer.

Contact Marybeth Gardam at or call 515-210-7928.  Proceeds from these sales benefit the CvD committee work.


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The National Corporations v. Democracy Issue Committee of US WILPF is dedicated to community education and activism.  We promote broad based popular understanding about how corporations use their illegitimate constitutional “rights”, wealth and powers to:

  • redefine our laws,
  • influence our policies and politics,
  • corrupt our jurisprudence,
  • degrade our opportunities for work,
  • co-opt our technologies,
  • threaten our food systems,
  • silence our voices,
  • steal our natural resources
  • invalidate our elections
  • incapacitate small business and crush competition
  • disenfranchise communities by converting them from citizens to consumers. 

We encourage action and strategically collaborate with others to confront this dangerous trend that threatens America’s historic and exemplary foundation of citizen self-rule and the integrity of our electoral system.

Through careful examination of the hidden history of corporate power in America, we learn and help others to learn how our nation got into this mess, how we inflicted this reality on other nations, and how by stealing our very personhood, corporations have robbed us (and our planet) of our ‘common wealth’.  

We work with the whole of WILPF to frame traditional WILPF issues in the context of our right to self-governance and the meaning of real (radical) democracy, including the skills required to put it into practice. 


Current Campaigns

  • Move to Amend 
  • Abolish Corporate Personhood
  • Other Campaigns To Challenge Corporate Power

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Leadership Team
Nancy Abbey (Santa Cruz, CA)?(831)465-8272  nabbey(at)
Marybeth Gardam (Des Moines, IA)?(515)210-7928  mbgardam(at)



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