Blow the Whistle on Militarism and Violence Against Women!


This year, WILPF women around the world will be marking the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (November 25 – December 10) by blowing whistles at local municipal headquarters or Occupy sites to draw attention to the related problems of militarism and violence against women.

Here’s how you can join us in taking action:

Blowing whistles. By literally making noise, participants are echoing the metaphorical whistleblowing that has drawn attention to the dangers of militarism and war culture that perpetuates violence against women. Blowing whistles also builds on the momentum generated by the film The Whistleblower, highlighting human trafficking as a horrific consequence of our patriarchal war culture, something WILPF International, WILPF US, and many WILPF branches are already involved with. Contact your local branch to find out when a demonstration is planned.

“What does security mean to you?” videos. As part of its support for United Nations Security Council resolution 1325, WILPF has been collecting video responses to the question “What does security mean to you?” for the purpose of redefining “security” to reflect a human security perspective, including the voices of women. At the demonstrations, participants are encouraged to record short videos of themselves and other attendees answering that question. Participants can upload the videos to YouTube or another video-sharing site, and then post them to the WILPF’s 1325 Facebook page. Later, the videos will be included in a larger report to the U.S. government articulating U.S. women’s perspectives on issues concerning the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. Read more...

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