Intervene to End Israeli Apartheid!

Purchase copies of former President Jimmy Carter’s newest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, for personal reading and group discussion.

President Jimmy Carter has taken a courageous and historic step in adding his voice to the collective demands that Palestinians, especially Palestinian women, have been voicing for years.

August 28, 2001 at the UN Conference on Racism in Durbin South Africa, Hanan Ashrawi made the bold statement that the World should intervene to end the Israeli Apartheid []

"..On behalf of the Palestinian people I appeal to you to have the courage to intervene, to ensure that the oppressor is held accountable and the victim is protected, to enact those principles and values that not only protect lives but that also imbue life with the human qualities that make it worth living. Despite our overwhelming pain, we have not surrendered to the forces of occupation, colonization, racism, and dehumanization-nor have we adopted their moral distortions. I ask you also not to succumb, but to maintain and enhance the struggle for dignity, equality, freedom, and justice as an act of collective affirmation on behalf of humanity as a whole."

Today, WILPF members can heed her fervent appeal.

The WCUSP campaign of WILPF encourages you and your branch to purchase copies of former President Jimmy Carter’s newest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, for personal reading and group discussion. The title alone has triggered denial and attack, to which the author responds that he is speaking of the forced and brutal separation of Palestinians and Israelis in Palestine, not in Israel. No one argues with the fact that this is the reality in the Occupied Territories, call it what you will and give it any explanation you choose (for Israeli safety, etc.)

The title has been called controversial, that it will turn off potential readers by using “that” word which likens Israel to South Africa. But the book is provoking a long overdue public discussion in which you should play a role as a peacemaker. As Carter points out, and as our WILPF sisters and other peace women in Israel remind us, within Israel there is freer and livelier debate about Israel’s occupation of Palestine than there is in this country. It has been our government policy to turn a blind eye to what Israel does in the Occupied Territories.

Too often, the U.S. peace community is silent as well. Carter’s book challenges the wisdom of the status quo. At its heart, “Women Challenge U.S. Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East” (WCUSP) is all about discussion of U.S. policy, no matter how controversial! We welcome Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid for this reason and urge you to read it and speak out.

Contact Congress and let your representatives know that you support President Carter and you support a U.S. Policy in the Middle East that is rooted in Human Rights and International Law.

Call your Senators and Representative and ask for their foreign policy staffer. The congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121. For fax and e-mail info:, You can also find out who your members of Congress are, through the WILPF website at

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