Jeannette Rankin Film in Post-Production!

posted by C.J. Minster<

One of WILPF's greatest members, Jeannette Rankin, has been immortalized by one of our national board members, Jeanmarie Simpson. Jeanmarie wroted, directed, and starred in the play "A Single Woman," about Jeannette's life. The play was performed off-Broadway and around the country, including at our WILPF US Triennial Congress in 2005, our WILPF West Gathering in 2006, and at several branches. Through the hard work of Jeanmarie and WILPF Life Member Cameron Crain (Producer / Actor), the film version of "A Single Woman" is in post-production. Thanks to Jeanmarie's generosity and dedication to WILPF, a portion of the proceeds from this film will be given to WILPF. Check out this sneak peek at the making of the film -

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