Al Najah University dean of Shariya department released


Mustapha Sabri, Qalqilya 12:00 pm 01.12.05

Dr. Khader Sundak, dean of the Shariya department at Al Najah University in Nablus told PNN on Wednesday after being released from the Petah Tikva detention center that he was in interrogation for 46 days.

“I was arrested at the Beit Iba checkpoint west of Nablus on my way home from the university on October 26. I was then taken to a detention center in Deir Sharaf for several hours and then to the Huwarra detention center before being sent to Petah Tikva. There, several Israeli intelligence officers were waiting for me including a major. I was interrogated about my work at the university given that I have been lecturing for 25 years. They focused on matters completely irrelevant to my teaching such as my candidacy for the PLC elections and if I was going to be on the Islamic movement’s list or would I run as an independent candidate for my constituency.

Sundak continued, “I spent nearly the entire time in isolation. I would take advantage of the time during which I was not being interrogated to read Quran and to pray. Their interrogation methods were more psychological through intimidation and scare tactics.”

Sundak says he saw his colleague Nasser Eddin Al Shaer, a lecturer at Al Najah for two days in one of the cells. “After that they gave him four-months in administrative detention. He will soon be transferred to the Ofer detention camp near Ramallah,” he said.

Sundak say the Petah Tikva center is one of the main centers used by the Shabak to interrogate Palestinians, adding that it has a horrendous reputation among prisoners.
This is the fifth arrest for Dr. Sundak. His son Anas is also in jail, serving a sentence of 30 months.

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