Audio and Photos from October 27th Philadelphia

The Whole Some

Some will delight

in dollars dropping from the sky,

a daily delivery

from the humdrum boredom of everyday riches.

Some will pray for life.

Some will pray for fame on Nightline & CNN.

Some will become a game on Nintendo & Playstation.

Some will make so much money they couldn't even pay people to count it.

Some will be seen on our TV,

while some will be absent from our screen.

Some will own our TV,

some will sell us wars on TV,

some will sell us on TV.

Some will smile & tell us pretty lies

& we will smile

& forgive them

as we pretend that we didn't listen.

Some will claim to fight evil.

Some will fight evil with evil ways,

selling weapons to those considered good,

while some will sell weapons to those considered evil.

Some will claim this makes us all equal,

though the good remain eligible for a discount

at all of the finest military industrial complexes.

Some will buy Stinger missiles & b-52 bombers,

concussion grenades & pepper spray foggers.

Some will pay no price for eating up another's borders,

as long as they are good & follow the right orders.

Some will scrawl their good intentions

with bad guy's blood & small intestines,

& some will call it glorious.

Some will sit home & cry,

some will struggle & toil,

& some will remember

it's all about the oil.

Some will put aside differences for the good of the country.

Some will convince us that we have plenty.

Some will cheer for war on an empty stomach.

Some will be too hungry to cheer.

Some will burn with hate.

Some will burn cities with their hate.

Some will hate the government.

Some will forget he's not the President.

Some will grow opium as the only way to survive.

Some will sell opium.

Some will allow them to sell opium.

Some will make profits off of opium.

Some will make more money from opium

than from oil,

though some will still remember

it's all about the oil.

Some will blame it on the Jews, while some will blame it on you.

Some will make the world a jail for our protection,

some will hide from secret police attention.

Some will die for Homeland Security.

and some will say "Thank the Good Lord it's not me."

Some will advise us to run,

and some will dance to a drum never forgotten.

Some will march & carry signs,

saying "an eye for an eye leaves the world blind."

Some will declare war on Third World Warriors.

Some will seek the heads of kings & courtiers.

Some will find solace in a lover's bed.

Some will fight even harder

when they are dead.

Some will linger inside your head.

some will linger

inside your head.

Some will say

we deserve what we get.

& some

will whisper

never forget.

UFPJ March

Larry Hamm, community organizer in Newark and chair of the People' Organization for Progress.

larry hamm of njpop

Martin Wiley riles the crowd, then hits the crowd with his poem The Whole Some

martin wiley

Elizabeth Croydon

junee and jessica
photo: from massachusetts to philly

Bal Pinguel breaks it down about the economic costs of the Iraq war.

Bal Pinguel

photo: Dragonball Yee

Galen Tyler of KWRU : Billions for the War Still no Money for the Poor

Galen of KWRU
photo: kandy_lippincott

Judy Claude for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

judy claude
photo: Kandy Lippincott

Jay Marks on those unrepresented in Washington DC and 2 things which can stop this war:

Dannelle Hauser speaking for the youth:

condi, cheney and bush

Thea Mccintosh, Camden school teacher on promoting peace where there is no sense of peace.

Tia Mccintosh

photo: kandy lippincott

Youth say love one another!

PSU represents
photo: from Massachusets to Philly

A Paisano for Peace:

MC Therapist

MumiaNot present but representing otherwise, was incarcerated journalist for peace and social justice
Mumia Abu Jamal bringing a radio address to the various marches which took place October 27th.

See more coverage at the Philly Independent Media Center as well as on!

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