Rally for Free Trade!

For Earth Democracy—Let's Rally for Fair Trade

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership  (TPP) “free trade agreement”- the NAFTA of the Pacific? Not, unless you’ve followed Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch.  But New Zealanders are saying “NO” to this NAFTA of the Pacific that is meant to isolate China and is hailed as a “landmark, 21st century trade agreement, setting a new standard for global trade and incorporating next-generation issues." Yet, it is the same old agenda. This is why we’ve created the Earth Democracy Issue group to present a new agenda for people, our communities and nature. In the next E-News, we’ll outline the creative and exciting directions this work can take us.

The TPP continues corporate globalization and trade policies that benefit the 1% and the TPP “free trade agreement” (Trans-Pacific FTA) could quickly: offshore millions of American jobs, undermine food safety, further deregulate Wall Street, end Buy Local and Buy America policies, impact access to lower-cost medicine, decrease environmental protections, and more.

As the case in all “free” trade agreements, corporations of every signatory country can lodge an investor complaint against the U.S. for any local, state or national law considered to harm their investor right to profit at the expense of jobs, human rights and social, economic and environmental justice. If the corporation wins the claim, either the U.S. government pays a huge multi-million fine with tax-payer $$ or strikes the law passed by our elected representatives.

Take a look at maps showing where foreign TPP corporations are located in the U.S. that could challenge our sovereignty and laws passed by our elected representatives.

Take Action Now:

The TPP is the first trade agreement Pres Obama’s administration will negotiateFor the next round of secret talks, May 8-18 in Dallas, Texas, trade representatives from Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, and now Japan will meet in secret behind closed doors. They and about 600 corporate lobbyists have access to the text. Shouldn’t “We the People,” the 99% negatively impacted by these agreements, also have access to the documents being negotiated?

Here’s What You Can Do:

1. Sign the Letter to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk requesting release of the TPP text now.

2. Call your Congressperson (House and Senate) and say you want him/her to stand up for transparency and demand release of the TPP text to the public.

3.  Write a letter to your local paper. Here, you can find fact sheets, a sample letter, and a flyer.

4.  Join us in the Earth Democracy Issue Group here. We’d like to hear from you.

Nancy Price, Davis, CA, for the Leadership Team:
Lib Hutchby and John Wagner , Chapel Hill, NC; Linda Park, Cleveland, OH; Jean Hays, Fresno, CA;  Alan Haber, Ann Arbor, MI;  Randa Solick, Santa Cruz, CA; and Shirley Kinoshita, Cupertino, CA. 

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