September 12 2006 Program Update

Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee
Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee
Cuba Issue Committee
DISARM Issue Committee
Corporations V. Democracy Issue Committee

1. Advancing Human Rights Issue Committee

AHR update on planning for WILPF’s participation in the US Social Forum (USSF)in Atlanta June 27-July 1, 2007. AHR co-chair Pat Willis participated in what she considered a very exciting conference call with the USSF Women's Caucus conference call. Pat will be on a monthly conference call up until the USSF in June 27-July 1 2007. Next call is Sept 22 at 1pm EST. Others welcome to join by contacting Pat at for info or registering on-line at for upcoming call notices. Several decisions were made on this first call including a theme for the Women’s Caucus and events: "Another World is Possible for Women" Those interested in being on this working group should contact WILPF Program Chair, C.J. Minster ( and AHR co-chair Pat Willis (

AHR Committee member from Milwaukee, Rose Daitsman has been the lead organizers for The Milwaukee Human Rights Coalition’s intergenerational roundtable on human rights. Two local heroes who have recently passed away will be honored at this event, including James Cameron, founder of America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

Watch for registration information for AHR’s “Virtual Book Club” featuring Jane Midgley’s Women and the U.S. Budget. Copies of the book are available for purchase at a reduced price through the WILPF website.

2. Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee
Buidling the Beloved Community issues committee has sent a letter to CBS in protest of their upcoming season of 'Survivor" where teams will be split long race lines. Several members of BBC sent their own letters.

Fresno, CA WILPF's Uprooting Racism book discussion group and many of it's members also sent letters to CBS corporate office and local affiliate. Fresno WILPF & their Uprooting Racism book group members joined local Methodist churches and others in a protest at the local CBS
station on Sunday, September 10th. The Methodist Church called for protest at local affiliates nationwide.

3. Cuba Issue Committee

Latin American Working Group's latest publication, "Retreat from Reason: U.S-Cuban Academic Relations and the Bush Administration" will be publicly presented on September 18, 2006 from 4-6 pm at The George Washington University's Elliot School building ( Suite 601) located at 1957 E. St, NW in Washington, DC. "The report examines the history of and regulations on academic, scientific, and cultural exchange between the United States and Cuba. It is written by an international team of U.S. and Cuban scholars.

Reminder of the March and Forum in Washington DC on September 23rd in support of the Cuban Five. Especially after the outrageous 11th Circuit decision denying them a new trial, we have a deep sense of duty to be in front of the White House to demand their freedom.

4. DISARM Issue Committee

All Branches are encouraged to participate in Keep Space for Peace Week October 1 to 8. WILPF is co-sponsoring internationally and nationally with Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Access resources at This year WILPF is reporting all events to the United Nations (UNOOSA) in support of the 1967 Treaty on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and also of negotiations to a new treaty on Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space. Please encourage other organizations to sponsor their own events. Send all reports to WILPF at Vandenberg Air Force Base Protest October 7. Download the flier for the Space for Peace Week demonstration co-sponsored by WILPF and GN at Merchants of Death Conference, September 27 to October 2. MacGregor Eddy and DISARM co-chairs Ellen Barfield and Carol Urner will join in developing a nationwide network monitoring and challenging war profiteers. They will visit with Minneapolis and St. Paul WILPF and participate in a demonstration at Alliant for Space for Peace Week. Alliant also produces cluster bombs, DU and nuclear weapons.The gathering is facilitated by War Resisters League and co-sponsored by WILPF and others.

5.Corporations V. Democracy Issue Committee

>From the C. v. D. Issue Committee: The C. v. D. subcommittee of Jim and Tomi Allison, Maggie Rawland, Sherry Hutchison and Virginia Rasmussen completed the revision of the CCP, APR study packet and sent it to Kate Zaidan for final edit and production. Production will be aided by money from the annual C. v. D. budget. Upcoming event: Forum on Electronic Voting Machines: Democracy at Risk, sponsored by the Bloomington (IN) branch, Sept. 13.

Good luck,
Jim and Tomi Allison

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