September 28, 2007 Program Update

Next Update Due: Thursday, October 4

Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East Campaign
Save the Water Campaign

WCUSP Campaign

WCUSP has learned to take bad news along with good.  A couple of weeks ago, we were heartened to hear that the Israeli Supreme Court agreed the Separation Wall must be re-routed away from the village of Bil'in, where there have been ongoing protests for months. This week, we are working on statements and suggestions for action on two issues: The Islamophobic comments made by Representative Peter King and Israel's declaration of Gaza as hostile territory. Both are unacceptable and have consequences related to human dignity and the ability to live a life free of physical and emotional trauma.  Please check the WCUSP area of our website to find the statements and follow up with action

Save the Water Campaign

Declare your schools, restaurants and local governments "Bottled Water Free Zones". We encourage branches and individuals to meet with their local restaurant owners to hang our "Bottled Water Free Zone" cling sticker in their window, letting their patrons know where they stand on unhealthy, expensive bottled water! Meet with teachers and government officials to create bottled water free classrooms, restaurants and public spaces all through the month of October! email Kate Zaidan at for more details.

DISARM Issue Committee

KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE WEEK: Thus far we have ten WILPF sponsored or co-sponsored events in Ashland and Portland Oregon, Boston, Monterey, Omaha, Palm Beach FL, Sacramento, St.  Louis, Tucson, and Washington, D.C.  Check U.S.  Section resources at .WILPF is co-sponsoring the University of Omaha and Nebraskans for Peace conference 10/5-10/6 and will be facilitating a workshop on aerospace corporations, space militarization and the Omaha economy. 

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