US WILPF Statements, Positions and Endorsements

WILPF endorses actions initiated by aligned groups and issues statements at the international, national, and branch levels.  If you or your organization would like WILPF to take a position on an issue that matters to your organization, please contact WILPF U.S. President and National Director at with your clearly stated and prepared request.  Local WILPF branches can and should endorse local activities and address local issues but must also follow this process to obtain endorsements from the national section or International. Issue committees are encouraged to collaborate with allied organizations that share their positions and may endorse actions and statements as a WILPF issue committee; issue committees seeking the endorsement of WILPF at a national or international level are encouraged to contact the National Director or President of the U.S. Section.

WILPF Calls for a Reality-Based Administration to Act for Peace and Security

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom rejects the world vision presented last night by President George W. Bush. “The US cannot survive as a fortress state defending itself by torture abroad and surveillance at home” said WILPF Executive Director, Mary Day Kent. While many members of the House and Senate applauded the version of the world and nation outlined by the president, WILPF will continue to mobilize its US and international membership to live by the principles of global community.

Death, Destruction and “Democracy

WILPF Iraq Statement 

February 5th, 2005

WILPF Statement on the Election

November 3rd, 2004

Throughout the Presidential campaign, George W. Bush has emphasized his intention to continue the key policies of his first administration:
• preemptive war
• rejection of international law
• contempt for negotiated resolution of conflict
• deception of the US people, our representatives, and the world
• building a national security state

April 2006 Statement

The United States Section of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (US WILPF) deplores the US government's continued use of military force to secure access to resources and to maintain control over other nations. The illegal wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and US military and economic support for Israel's occupation of Palestine have destabilized the region, caused extensive human suffering, and destroyed the infrastructure of the occupied territories.

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