WILPF DISARM! Chair, Carol Riley Urner, featured in Whittier Daily News

an unending effort"hard at work pushing for peaceful solutions to the world's problems through the 92-year-old Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - a group that has earned a place at the table of organizations like the European Union and the United Nations."

Nuclear Posture Review Statement

Nuclear Posture Review Promotes National Insecurity

Statement of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
1213 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

March 17, 2002

Hearing on Environmental Impact of National Missile Defense (NMD) and Weapons in Space

WILPF presented a cogent statement at a Missile Defense Agency hearing October 19th in Sacramento, California criticizing the agency's proposed environmental impact statement. The hearing was one of four public hearings in October, required under the National Environmental Policy Act. Carol Reilley Urner, co-chair of WILPF's Disarm! Dismantle the War Economy Campaign, waded through more than 700 pages of documents to prepare WILPF's response.


We of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom thank Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba and Mayor Iccho Itoh for their initiatives in developing the Mayors' for Peace Campaign, and for their courageous and persistent efforts to move the world forward toward abolition of nuclear weapons.

Nagasaki Peace Declaration

"What can people possibly be thinking?"

At the close of the 61st year following the atomic bombings, voices of anger and frustration are echoing throughout the city of Nagasaki.

Disarm Resources

Brief Summaries of Treaties and Conventions Relative to Disarmament

Giving Summary, Status, and US Position on Each

Disarm Headlines and Statements

Disarm Campaign Flyer

Nagasaki Peace Declaration from the Mayor of Nagasaki

WILPF statement on the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Welcome to the ABOLITION section of WILPF's DISARM! Campaign


Note: For latest information on Mil-Corp and other DISARM issues go to our Bi-weekly DISARM UPDATE at disarm.wilpf.org

Download sections of our 2005 edition of the Mil-Corp Manual here. Join us in researching and exposing the war profiteers and in working for the transfer from a war economy to an economy of peace.

Eye Alerts

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Alerts on key issues facing Congress are sent to "EYE contacts" around the country from the WILPF in  Washington office or the DISARM Eye on Congress committee on a regular basis. Click on the links below to read our current alert or past alerts on key disarmament issues.

Read more about the EYE on Congress project, or to become an Eye contact for your WILPF branch, please contact Val Mullen (vmullen@together.net)

From FCNL More people needed to turn Congress around on Iraq

A majority in Congress still hasn't gotten the message that it's time to end the war in Iraq.  Yesterday, the House rejected legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S.  military troops from Iraq and then approved nearly $100 billion in additional funding for war.

The Senate still needs to act, but we at FCNL anticipate that the final supplemental spending bill will fund the same failed war policy without substantially altering the course of the war.

House Armed Services Com. Blocks funding of RRW and nuclear weapons news from Sunflowers news letter

FCNL's year-long campaign to block the Bush administration plan to develop the first new nuclear weapons in nearly two decades had its first success . This week, a key subcommittee of the House Armed Service Committee zeroed out funding for the new nuclear bomb plant intended as a first step toward a $150 billion project to rebuild the nation's nuclear arsenal. Read more here

The American Association for the Advancement of Science issued a report this past month, stating that US nuclear policy needed to be reexamined before going forward with the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) program.

The report, which was written by a high-level panel that included former directors from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was highly critical of the proposed RRW. The administration has argued that the RRW program would allow the US to cut the size of the nuclear stockpile while ensuring security and reducing cost. The report concluded that the cost savings might never occur with the RRW and those improvements in reliability and security would only be integrated into later RRW models. The report also said that building new nuclear weapons could start an international arms race.

From CLA- New generation of nuclear weapons coming for vote

The United States should be dismantling nuclear weapons, not building new ones. But instead, Congress will be voting soon on whether to approve the Bush Administration's latest request to pursue a new generation of nuclear weapons. Don't let the administration further devastate our nation by building a new, unneeded arsenal of civilization-shattering nuclear weapons. Please call your Senators and Representative to ask them to vote "no" on funding a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Woolsey Resolution on Nuclear Weapons-Contact your Representative

Representative Lynn Woolsey has reintroduced her Resolution (H.Res. 68)
calling for the global abolition of nuclear weapons, support for the NPT,
ratification of the CTBT, and an end to missile defense and the
weaponization of space. Dear Colleague letters were sent on March 12,19
and 27. So far the co-sponsors are Rep. Tammy Baldwin WI-2, Rep.Raul
Grijalva AZ-7, Rep.Dennis Kucinich OH-10, Rep. James McGovern MA-3,
Rep.Janice Scakowsky IL-9 and Rep Fortney Pete Stark CA-13.

Phyllis Bennis on Supplemental Bill


The Democratic leadership claims the $125 billion supplemental is the
way to end the war. Aside from setting a date for bringing home troops,
the bill includes a number of items many in the peace movement would
ordinarily support - veterans' health benefits, Katrina survivors'
assistance, children's health insurance...So what's the problem with the supplemental? Why aren't peace activists
supporting it?

Because it gives President Bush another $100 billion to continue the

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