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Here is some of the text and facts the Mid-East Committee recommends for the Gaza post cards.

The WILPF US section states that we are too long overdue in responding to the cries of the people of Gaza. Israel's declaration as an "hostile entity" has resulted in imprisonment and collective punishment of the civilian population, without electricity for power and water treatment, without fuel for cooking and heat, with dangerous limited amount of food and medicine, and bombing of homes and infrastructure.

Peace cannot be Obtained by imprisoning and starving 1.5 million people.
Therefore we urge Congress to do the following:

  • Call for an immediate cease fire
  • Call on Israel to rescind the "hostile entity" designation  of Gaza -Call on Israel to immediately to lift the Gaza blockade and restore freedom of movement for people and goods.
  • Demand that Israel fulfill it's obligation as an occupying power subject to International and human rights law.

Please send a postcard to your Congress persons urging them to take the above actions.

Gaza Human Rights Facts

Persons killed in the conflict in and around Gaza in the 2 year period Sept 1 2005-July 25, 2007

  • 668 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces
  • 359 of whom were not involved in hostilities at the time they were killed
  • 126 of those killed were minors
  • 357 people killed in internal Palestinian fighting
  • 90 of whom did not take part in hostilities
  • 4 Israeli civilians killed by Qassam rockets fired by Palestinians
  • 4 members of Israeli security forces were killed by Palestinian attacks originating in the Gaza strip

Humanitarian access and freedom of movement.

Movement in and out of Gaza is all but impossible.
The number of trucks carry commercial and humanitarian supplies into Gaza has plummeted.
There is little money to buy food and little food to buy.

Poverty and dependency on food aid

  • 80% of families in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid.
  • The large majority of the population is unable to afford basic food.
  • In 2007, households were spending 62% of their total income on food
  • The blockade of Gaza has led to a steady rise in chronic malnutrition among persons living in the strip.
  • Unemployment in Gaza is close to 40% and may rise to 50%

Basic Services
The Government of Israel prevents the repair and maintenance of the electricity and water service infrastructure in Gaza by prohibiting the import of spare parts. This two-pronged attack has the effect of systematically destroying the water and infrastructure of Gaza. Hospitals cannot generate electricity to keep lifesaving equipment working.
Gaza hospitals experience power cuts for 8-12 hours per day.
40-50 million liters of sewage is poured into the sea daily.

Basic Medical supplies and access to treatment
According to the World Health Organisation, the proportion of patients given permits to exit Gaza for medical care decreased from 89.3% in January 2007 to 64.3% in December 2007, an unprecedented low. Of those given permits to exit Gaza for treatment, some are denied access to the crossing itself.

Between October and December 2007, 20 patients, 4 of whom were children, died due to lack of referral services.

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