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The Invisible War Film Screening

The Invisible War Film Screening

Give the Gift of WILPF and Help WILPF Grow!

Give the Gift of WILPF and Help WILPF Grow!

Be Counted: Write to Your Local Newspaper

Shirley Lin Kinoshita, a life member of WILPF offers this advice:

I believe well written opinion letters to major news media have more impact than standing on street corners holding signs or singing to the converted few there. Remember to read and follow the editorial guidelines, and don't forget to include your organization or affiliation in your closing. The editors prefer the latter so they can keep your comments in context. I also include a website link as a courtesy for background checks.

Raging Grannies: Get Your Song on for Tax Day!

The following lyrics were submited by Pat Birnie of the Tucson Branch. She regrets not knowing the author of these lyrics. If you know who we should attribute this song to, please email us.


(Tune: "Yellow Rose of Texas")

I’ve always paid my taxes,

I paid them right on time,

I never even cheated - I coughed up every dime.

But now I know my money goes

Straight over to Iraq

For bombs and tanks and missiles


I used to think my taxes went

Save Habeas Corpus Act

NOTE: November Scientific American has articles on nuclear weapons

Can you define torture? President Bush wasn't able to when he was asked this week. How reassuring is his claim that "We don't torture" if he can't say what it is that United States isn't doing?

According to the Justice Department, the U.S. is legally allowed to do things to prisoners that most people would consider torture. In a 2005 secret legal opinion that still defines government practice, the

From CLA- New generation of nuclear weapons coming for vote

The United States should be dismantling nuclear weapons, not building new ones. But instead, Congress will be voting soon on whether to approve the Bush Administration's latest request to pursue a new generation of nuclear weapons. Don't let the administration further devastate our nation by building a new, unneeded arsenal of civilization-shattering nuclear weapons. Please call your Senators and Representative to ask them to vote "no" on funding a new generation of nuclear weapons.

From WILPF Philadelphia Office-Support Lee Amendment in the House to bring troops home

Are you ready for U.S. troops to stop combat operations in Iraq and start packing their bags to come home?

Are you ready for them to bring all U.S. military contractors home with them?

Are you ready for Congress to stop funding the war and occupation and tell the Pentagon that they can only spend money to bring the troops safely home?

Then Call your Representative today Tell them to support the Lee Amendment to restrict pentagon spending in Iraq to funding only the safe withdrawal of U.S. troops and contractors by the end of this year at the latest.

Eye Alerts

Click here to write your local papers about Eye Alerts!

Alerts on key issues facing Congress are sent to "EYE contacts" around the country from the WILPF in  Washington office or the DISARM Eye on Congress committee on a regular basis. Click on the links below to read our current alert or past alerts on key disarmament issues.

Read more about the EYE on Congress project, or to become an Eye contact for your WILPF branch, please contact Val Mullen (vmullen@together.net)

From FCNL-House to vote again on Iraq

This week the House voted 399 to 24 to extend the ban on the U.S.
building permanent bases in Iraq past the end of September 2007.
Although this measure by itself will not stop the war or the president's plans for a long-term military presence in Iraq, the House action is another demonstration that members of Congress are concerned about the direction of U.S. policy in Iraq.

From Center for Arms Control-Some Highlight of the Defense Appropriations Bill

The Senate should be debating the Defense Appropriations Bill at any time.
Here are some highlights. Many of these are Cold War Weapons, which is a good subject for letters to the editor:

Future Combat Systems (FCS) ­ Fully funds the Administration's $3.6 billion request for Future Combat Systems, an advanced collection of armored vehicles, robots, and aerial drones connected through a sophisticated battle command network. The House cut $867 million from FCS in its version of the authorization bill.

From FCNL Cluster Bombs and more

The Senate has taken a first step toward banning the export of cluster bombs, a weapon with a particularly deadly record of killing and maiming civilians.  Just before the July 4 recess, the Senate Appropriations Committee added a provision banning cluster bomb exports to the bill funding the State Department.

Senate due to vote on RRW

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the Reliable Replacement Weapon during the week of June 25.

The House Appropriations Committee has already voted to zero out funding for the RRW. The Committee said that, almost two decades after the end of the Cold War, the United States does not have a plausible nuclear strategy and essentially put a freeze on long-term spending until we develop one.

Iraq Oil Law

The Democrats are again considering introducing another Resolution for withdrawal from Iraq. To date all legislation calling for withdrawal includes approval by the Iraq parliament of an oil law as a major benchmark before withdrawal can begin. However, the media is not telling us about the contents of this law and most people are unaware of its significance. This law was essentially drafted in Washington and is meant to privatize the Iraq oil industry, and turn as much as 70% of the profits for up to thirty years over to foreign oil companies. In the past Iraq oil revenues paid for modern infrastructure, education, health care, and many other citizen benefits. Ask your congressional delegation how Iraqis are to rebuild their country if they lose access to their oil revenues and demand that they remove the benchmark for the oil law. This may allow the Iraq parliament to defeat the law and introduce one that will benefit their country.
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