A Guide to WILPF Workshops, Meetings and other events at USSF 2007

A Guide to WILPF Workshops, Meetings and other events at USSF 2007

WILPF Sponsored Workshops

Court of Women

WILPF is the lead organizer for this Women’s Working Group Signature Event. The Court of Women has become a

traditional event at the World Social Forum and at

regional and local social forums all over the world. The Women's Working Group Court of Women will hold court over three human rights abuse topics.

Thursday, June 28th, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

435 W. Peachtree St.

Women, Water, War

This panel will expose the toxic track record of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, as well as highlight issues of water and conflict around the world.

Thursday, June 28th

A War Economy or an Economy of Peace

We believe US addiction to war and the military stand in the way – and we point to war profiteering corporations as major drivers in the war economy.

Interactive Workshop

Friday, June 29th

Community Struggles Against Biosafety Programs

The federal government, according to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has already made an investment of $36 billion on biosafety-related activities. The construction of new so called biodefense BSL level 4 labs have in recent years prompted community and legal protests from environmental and community groups in Boston, Ma. & Davis, Ca.

Saturday, June 30

Human Rights Organizing to Get What We Want

International treaties are invaluable tools to press for transformative change in cross-cutting areas of concern and engaging activist allies and communities through a common lens: human rights, universal and indivisible.

Saturday, June 30

Water Track

WILPF Co-sponsored Workshops


  • Fighting for Water Justice: Stories from

    Californian Communities
  • Got Thirst? Challenging Corporate Control of Our Water
  •  Our Bodies, Our Water: Our Right to Safe

    Water and Health
  • Secret Deal Exposed: Transcontinential Pipelines for Private Bulk Water Sales
  • Atlanta: Ground Zero in the Water Wars


  • Water for People, Not for Profit! Grassroots Activists tell their Victory Stories
  • Defending Our Water and Protecting Our Food: Bringing Family Farmers and Water Rights Advocates Together
  • It’s our Future! Students and Youth for Water Justice
  • Waters of Yanaguana: Native Peoples' History and Organizing to Protect Water for all of

  • The Color of Water


  • Blue October: Planning an International Month of Action on Water
  •  Trading Water, Trading Democracy
  •  Clean, Safe Water is a Human Right: Beyond Traditional Water Rights in New Mexico
  • Challenging US Policies that Promote Water Privatization at Home and Abroad
  • Care of the Divine’s Creation – Water

WILPF Co-Sponsored Workshops

War in Space or Life on Earth

With the The Feminist Caucus of the American

Humanist Association

Friday, June 29th

Women Write the Agenda to Prevent War

with WAND and US Women Connect

Friday, June 29th

Why Women? Why Cuba? Building an

Women's Movement

with U.S. Women & Cuba Collaboration

Friday, June 29th

Ending Corporate Personhood


Friday, June 29th

No Military Bases Workshop

with United for Peace and Justice

Saturday, June 30th

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions and Our

Nuclear Realities

With United for Peace and Justice

Saturday, June 30th

WILPF Tables and Information

Water Tent

Democracy Tent

Health, Healing and

Environment Tent

Other WILPF Events

Cocktails with WILPF

Join us in the evenings to relax after a long day!

Every evening, 9pm-11pm

Best Western Peachtree

330W Peachtree Street NW

Breakfast with WILPF

Pre-brief the day!

Every morning, 8:00-8:30am

Best Western Peachtree

330 W Peachtree Street NW

Women’s Networking


Friday, June 29th

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

CARE International

151 Ellis Street, NE

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