Save the Water

"Water is the earth's most precious resource. Access to safe and affordable water is a human right. Local, democratic control of water is essential for food security and peace. Everywhere accelerating privatization threatens public control over access to water while scarcity looms from overuse and pollution. WILPF's campaign starts with developing water literacy and awareness that the protection and use of water is a community issue. WILPF-fostered local water research and planning groups empower communities to take responsibility for their own water quality and availability. The campaign seeks to be a catalyst for a national mobilization to "take back the water" and move this vital resource for all life into the Public Trust."

Join the leadership and campaign team.

We invite you to join us in this campaign. There are many wonderful and unique opportunities to get involved in this campaign that will help branches and members to realize the three-year potential of this work, locally and with International WILPF.

Please email your visions and suggestions for education and action or call:

Water Leadership Team Members:

Please email your visions and suggestions for education and action or call:

Linda Park Cleveland, OH (216) 851-0968

Yoshiko Ikuta Cleveland, OH (216) 521-7057

Nancy Price Davis, CA (530) 758-0726

Terry Futvoye-Micus Detroit, MI (734) 287-6995

Nancy Munger Cape-Cod, MA (508) 255-6869

Olivia Zink Manchester, NH (603) 661-8621

Join our Save the Water updates and announcement listserv!

This low-traffic email list will give you and your branch information in participating in the WILPF Save the Water Campaign." To join click here.


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