Water Action

Rivers of Regeneration

The WILPF project Women and Water Rights  took months of planning, but the ripple effects will be felt for years to come. Check out the fantastic media coverage they’ve received.

This week the project continues to build momentum, with a “World Water Day Film Screening.” What’s next? None other than Vandana Shiva will make a major presentation on the closing day of the exhibition. If you couldn’t see the exhibit and catch the programming, don’t worry. You can listen to a Podcast about their work on the KFAI website  – just look for the clip on International Women’s Day with host Dixie Treichel on the radio show Fresh Fruit. The exhibit will also be going on tour. Check their website for more details.

For California Residents Only: Tell Governor Schwarzenegger Water is a Human Right

Make it Crystal Clear: Water is a Human Right

Murky Water

(This Action is for California residents only)

Nearly 9 million Californians rely on water suppliers that have faced five or more violations of state drinking water standards. This water crisis disproportionately affects low-income populations, people of color and those who are ill and vulnerable.

The Human Right to Water Act of 2009 (AB 1242) will assure access to safe, affordable water. AB 1242 establishes water as a basic human right as a policy of the state. AB 1242 has passed both houses of the state Legislature and shortly will be on the Governor's desk for him to sign into law or veto.

There is no time to waste.

Please take action today and call Governor Schwarzenegger or fax the WILPF letter to his office, asking that he sign this bill into law. AB 1242 will move the state toward a day when everyone can safely fill a glass of water from their tap and drink it without fear.

To call the Governor's office try one of these numbers: at his Sacramento office: 916-445-2841. If this number is busy, call the district office nearest you: in LA: 213-897-0322, San Diego: 619-525-4641, Fresno, 559-477-1804, and San Francisco: 415-703-2218.

Get Ready for Mother Earth Day

As the twentieth century had been called the “century of human rights,” this new era would be known as the “century of the rights of Mother Earth.”
-  Evo Morales, President of Bolivia

On April 22 this year, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a Bolivian-led resolution to proclaim this day each year International Mother Earth Day.

You might ask why, since Earth Day – designated as April 22 in 1970  – is now celebrated in many countries, and from the 1970s on many countries passed environmental laws.

The answer is that worldwide, oil, natural gas, coal extraction and thermal energy production has accelerated, with fossil fuel use contributing to global warming. Most national governments collaborate with the multinational energy corporations or simply look the other way when it comes to environmental destruction, human rights and public health abuses, appropriation of land, and the waste and contamination of water that causes sickness and death.

Spring Forward in 2009 and Save the Water

 “Just say ‘No” to Bottled Water.” Bottled water is expensive, wasteful, and it is not so pure. Individuals can make a difference by boycotting bottled water. Water is a Human Right and an Earth Right – Not a Commodity. 

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