Water workshops

Pumping for Profit: Bottled and Bulk Water
A massive international marketing campaign by the big four beverage corporations to turn water into a designer food item is threatening the water supplies for communities’ world-wide and undermining public confidence in municipal water systems. Find out what happens when a bottled water company comes to town and what you can do about it.

"Municipal Water Systems: Public Ownership, Private Ownership, and the Challenge of Public Private Partnerships."
What happens when a privately-owned municipal water system is put up for sale? Who controls the towns water? What happens when a water management corporation proposes to manage the municipal system for a fee? What can communities do to keep their water supply locally owned and operated? What does having a public private partnership mean when it come to water? Find out from our presenters who have been there already.

Protecting Water: Municipal Ordinances
What can municipalities do through local ordinances to protect water supplies from commercial bottlers and other large water users who want to turn a profit a the expense of the local community water supply?

International Trade and Water
The multi-national companies which sell water and water services want to use international trade agreements (WTO, NAFTA, etc.) to evade environmental, public health, and other public interest regulations. This workshop will show why trade agreements matter for those who want to protect water, and what we can do to bring about change.

Faith communities and Water Roundtable
Water has been symbolic of life, blessings, spiritual cleansing in the writings and ceremonies of many faith communities throughout the world. We will share stories about actions and programs in our faith communities in a roundtable format with help from several resource people who will serve as facilitators. We will inspire each other as seek collaborations.

Water Science and Hydrology
Do you know what a watershed is? What is a water table? Groundwater? What is the relationship between aquifers and our wetlands, rivers and lakes? This user-friendly workshop is the place to bring your questions, develop your knowledge about the science of water called hydrology and lean from scientists and residents who are engaged in water issues.

Public Trust Doctrine
Some state laws say that the groundwater and surface waters of our state are held in the public trust. What does this mean for your community? How are these laws applied? What rules and legal principles govern them? Learn from two attorneys who are actively engaged in defending water in the public trust.

To host a water speaker in your community, please contact the water campaign leadership team at water@wilpf.org

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