WILPF and the UN

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has had consultative status (category B) with the UN through the Economic and Social Council since 1948.

WILPF also has Special Consultative Relations with the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome, the International Labour Organisation in Geneva and the United Nations Children's Fund in New York. WILPF is represented at UN headquarters in New York, in Geneva and in Paris. WILPF representatives attend various meetings at the other UN offices when they arise.

WILPF's work pertaining to the United Nations includes the following:

A. Advocation and lobbying for the democratization of the UN, the Security Council and all other UN organizations and agencies, co-ordinating with WILPF at international level.

B. Monitoring the activities of the Security Council in order to promote reforms.

C. Opposing the privatisation and corporatisation of the UN, especially the global compact with Corporations.

D. Advocation for the abolition of the Security Council veto.


Edith Ballantyne is WILPF's Special Advisor on United Nations Matters.

WILPF is represented at the UN in:


The meetings of the UN covered by WILPF in Geneva include:

  • Conference on Disarmament
  • Economic & Social Council Geneva Meeting
  • High Commission for Human Rights
  • Human Rights Council
  • Economic Council of Europe
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees
  • International Labour Organisation
  • United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
  • United Nations Research Institute on Social Development
  • Department of Humanitarian Affairs

Also the NGO Committees on Development, Disarmament, Racism, Human Rights & the Status of Women. See the CONGO website for more information on these NGO Committees.

For more information contact:

1 rue de Varembe,
Case Postale 28
1211 Geneva 20
Tel: + 41 22 919 7080
Fax: + 41 22 919 7081

WILPF representatives include Susi Snyder, Marie Boroli, Krishna Ahooja Patel and Edith Ballantyne.

Email: inforequest(at)wilpf.ch

New York - UN Headquarters

The meetings of the UN covered by WILPF in New York include:

For more information contact on scheduling a visit, click here:

777 UN Plaza,
New York NY 10017 USA
Ph: 1 212 682 1265
Fax: 1 212 286 8211

WILPF representatives include Sam Cook, Milkah Kihunah, and Jennifer Nordstrom.

Email: wilpfun(at)igc.org


In Paris, the representatives to UNESCO can be contacted through the French Section office.

Ligue Internationale de Femmes Pour la Paix et la Liberte
114 rue de Vaugirard,
75006, Paris

Tel: + 33 1 48 78 39 85
Fax: + 31 1 40 82 99 55

Representatives: Helene Berthoz, Simone Landry and June Raynal.


In Rome, the representative to Food and Agricultural Organisation is Anita Fisicaro.

Via del Vignola 73
00196, Roma

Tel: + 39 06 36 13 473

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