For a 100 years WILPF has been bringing women together to work for a world free from violence and armed conflict. As you – hopefully – already know, our aim is to ensure real and lasting peace and freedom by non-violent means. However, you may not be familiarised with one of the things that makes WILPF really unique: that is our local-global-local approach.

What does the local-global-local approach mean?

We consider our major strength to be our linkages between international, national and local efforts, something we call the Cycle of Unified Action. In this process, information and recommendations from women peace activists are brought to multilateral fora by the International Secretariat who, at the same time, brings information and analysis of what is happening internationally to the National Sections and partners on the ground so they can influence the local level.

We believe that to achieve our goal, it is fundamental to look at the realities on the ground and in communities to learn what is needed.

Our national Sections and partners operate in many different environments and the work differs from section to section and from partner to partner depending on the pressing issues in their country.

During this week we will publish a series of articles showcasing different aspects of how the local-global-local approach works in reality. Be prepared to meet communicator and activist Guy from Cameroon, to get insight in Programme Manager Mia Gandensberger’s travels to our Sections in Sweden, Colombia, Cameroon and Spain, and to follow a Syrian Women Civil Society Leader’s advocacy tour to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.