Groups of activists in several EU countries and in the United States have decided to fast for four days, from 6 August, the anniversary of Hiroshima, until 9 August, the anniversary of Nagasaki, to express their total opposition to nuclear weapons and to call for their abolition. WILPF International supports this grassroots movement aiming at total and universal nuclear disarmament.

A member of WILPF at the origin of the movement in France

Solange Fernex, former President of WILPF France, initiated this movement in 1983 by fasting for 38 days to oppose nuclear armament in France. WILPF France continues to be at the forefront of this struggle and is one of the founding members of the movement “Collectif Armes Nucléaires Stop” and a member of the network “Sortir du Nucléaire” in France.

WILPF International strongly supports this movement calling for global abolition of nuclear weapons and aiming at raising public awareness on the menace they pose for humanity. To learn more about WILPF International’s advocacy efforts in raising awareness on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and the need to negotiate a treaty to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons, please click on the following link dedicated to WILPF’s Disarmament Programme.

What the fasters stand for

Nine countries still possess over 16,300 nuclear weapons and arrogantly consider that they have the right to possess such weapons for their national security, whereas the rest of the world calls for their urgent dismantlement for the sake of mankind’s security. The recent Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at the United Nations in May 2015 confirmed the categorical and irreconcilable opposition between these two groups.

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive devices ever created and the current global stockpile of nuclear bombs could produce a global catastrophe whether provoked by human folly, error, or by accident. Nonetheless, the culture of militarisation continues and expenditures on new nuclear arsenals in the context of modernisation programmes are planned to exceed 1,000 billion Euros over the next 10 years, while these vast amounts of funding could rather be spent on human security, economic, social and environmental programmes.


Be part of the movement!

Public opinion needs to be alerted on this issue and to speak with one voice: the possession, development and military use of nuclear weapons must be banned! You can join this movement either by fasting or by participating to the events that will take place from 6 August until 9 August in several countries across Europe and in the United States.

We have compiled below the list of activities and relevant contact details if you want to participate to the fast and the related events.


– For information on the programme of actions organised in Paris, click on the following link:

– For information on the programme of actions organised in Dijon-Valduc (Centre for the modernisation of French Nuclear weapons), please contact Jean-Marc Convers at jeanmarc.convers (@)

– For information on the programme of actions organised in Bordeaux-Mégajoule (laser research center for perfecting new nuclear weapons), please contact Dominique Baude at baude.dominique (@)


– For information on the programme of actions organised in Büchel (Nato base where 20 nuclear weapons are stationed), please contact Matthias-W. Engelke at mwEngelke(@)


– For information on the programme of actions organised in London, please contact Angie Zelter at reforest(@)


– For information on the programme of actions organised in Livermore Lab, California (NIF laser for perfecting new nuclear weapons), please contact: Marcus Pegasus at pegasus(@)
– For information on the programme of actions organised in Los Alamos, New Mexico (laboratory for the modernisation of US nuclear weapons), please contact Alaric Balibrera, at alaricarrives(@)
– For information on the programme of actions organised in Kansas City, Missouri (National Nuclear Security Administration centre), please contact Ann Suellentrop at annsuellen(@)

Let us know in the comment field below how you plan to take part in this important campaign!