Today we are 101! We are an incredible organisation. We have shown that the power of a ‘good idea’ will last, and as we showed last year, has the ability to grow and develop, to reflect changes in circumstances, address new challenges and to keep moving forward despite the odds.

The experience of the 100th at The Hague was one of the most profound of my life. It showed the art of the possible; from the initiative and shear hard work of all those involved in putting it together, to the brilliance of the participants – and above all it showed the unity and community that is possible when we all passionately want change. It was tangible. My faith in human nature was restored.

I owe a debt to WILPF for that and for having enthused and convinced me as to the true analysis of conflict and what we need to do to stop war. We have not achieved it, not yet, and we need to keep organising, strategising and growing stronger in the face of patriarchy and militarism – both running rampant yet again. Our 102nd year will be a tough one, we know this. We need our solidarity and our organising and our commitment more than ever: if we can imagine it, we can do it!!

Happy Birthday.