The Human Rights Council has created a Working Group to draft a Declaration on the Right to Peace and the Human Rights Programme of WILPF will be at the discussions to ensure the Declaration goes through and it addresses all elements that are at the root causes of war.

We believe that peace cannot be understood as the mere state of absence of violent, peace is a composit and to reach sustainable peace all elements of it need to be carefully achieved. Violence and conflict have their origins in power relations. Thus, peace can only be achieved through a re-conceptualisation of power; understanding better how the elements that create power are interlaced, are interactive and interdependent and how it is highly gendered.

For this reasons, WILPF has identified 4 elements as essential for peace : disarmament, gender equality, women’s participation and social justice. To find out how we are advocating to have these elements within the upcoming declaration, have a look at our Statement.

This is the draft Declaration that will be negotiated this week.