Terms of Reference for Consultant for Developing Safeguard Policies and Procedures Toolkit

Project: Feminist Movement for Change in Syria
Reporting line: WILPF MENA Manager
Location: Remote
Consultancy duration: 7 months (September until March 2021)
Languages required: English and Arabic
Type of Contract: Consultancy Contract

1. Background information

WILPF continues its ongoing engagement in Syria, with the concerted aim of supporting the Syrian feminist movement, addressing the root causes of violence from a feminist lens, and mobilising for nonviolent action towards peace and justice for all. The main outcomes that WILPF and partners are working towards realizing are as follows:

Outcome I) Civil society support for feminist movement building,

Outcome II) Enhancing women’s meaningful participation in political life,

Outcome III) Advocating for gender sensitive approaches to accountability and justice.

In its efforts to realizing these outcomes, and building on the progress made during the pilot phase (2018 – 2019) of building a feminist movement for change in Syria, WILPF continues to employ four methods as follows:

  1. Capacity building and supporting women organizing: through continuing to provide support to women-led civil society organizations through flexible funding, tailored technical support and increased networking and coordination opportunities
  2. Sharing experiences and cross-regional collaboration;
  3. Amplifying partners’ voices and facilitating access, through enhancing women’s political participation; and, advocating for gender-sensitive victim-centered transitional justice; and,
  4. Producing research and feminist knowledge.

Under its first method of work, WILPF is seeking to collaborate with a feminist safeguarding consultant, with a strong contextual understanding of the MENA region and Syria in particular. The collaboration will respond to the need for feminist and contextualised safeguarding policies and procedures to respond to the increase in bullying and harassment as expressed by partner organizations thorough capacity assessments conducted during the 2019-2020 project cycle. WILPF envisions this to be carried out through consultations and through the production of a safeguarding policies and procedures toolkit, and follow-up induction and mentorship sessions with partners.

During the project implementation cycle 2020-2021, WILPF is seeking to work closely with partners and a consultant to help partners prevent and respond to bullying, harassment and harm as well as take active steps to combat a culture of tolerance.


To produce, through consultations with partners, a safeguarding policies and procedures toolkit framed around principles of: (1) feminist governance, (2) transformative feminist justice, and (3) intersectional feminist theory, with the aim of prevention, protection, responsive and transformation to a culture of tolerance. The toolkit should be complimented with guidance and follow up mechanisms to ensure relevance and impact.

2. Specific results and outputs of the mission

  • Design methodology for consultations with Syria partners.
  • Hold consultations with partners.
  • Follow up closely with the project team.
  • Produce a safeguarding policies and procedures toolkit.
  • Hold induction and mentorship sessions with partners based on the toolkit.
  • Produce guidelines for management and board members to incorporate a culture of tolerance.
  • Submit a final evaluation report with a summary of the consultations, activities, achieved results, and guidance and suggestions on complimenting and follow up mechanisms

3. Work schedule and action plan

  • Hold consultations with partners between September and November
  • Produce and finalise the toolkit by December 2020.
  • Hold induction for partners based on the toolkit, as well as any needed one-to-one mentorship upon request between January and February 2021.
  • Evaluation Report by March 2021

4. The Consultant is to demonstrate:

  • Commitment to WILPF’s values, feminist, peace, and gender equality
  • At least 5 years of senior level experience and knowledge about gender, women human rights, Women Peace and Security, feminism and women organizing the MENA region
  • Strong contextual understanding of Syrian organisations
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in English and Arabic

Interested candidates should submit the following to jobs@wilpf.org with “Application for Safeguarding Consultant” in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • Updated CV outlining relevant skills and experience,
  • Cover letter (not exceeding two pages) outlining the added value you will bring to this consultancy,
  • A link or description of similar or relevant documents produced, and
  • Technical proposal detailing the methodology, work plan, and budget itemization.

The deadline for applications is 7 August 2020.

Download the PDF version of the job description for the Safeguarding Consultant position.